Linkx Systems Ltd


Linkx Packaging Systems, one of the UK’s most innovative developers of end-of-line packaging equipment, has signed a partnership agreement with PSI Engineering, a specialist in the design and manufacture of high-speed materials handling systems and packing station automation equipment for eCommerce fulfilment operations including Third Party Logistics (3PL) facilities. The agreement will allow PSI Engineering to integrate the ground-breaking, Linkx random box sizer, with its packing station automation equipment and will provide Linkx Packaging Systems with a partner and provider of profitable automation solutions and expertise geared to the fulfilment operations for manufacturing, distribution centres, 3PL, packaging and eCommerce.

“This agreement is a very significant step for us,” said David Hayward, Managing Director of Linkx Systems, “PSI Engineering will be promoting our box sizers in the large and important US and Canadian markets. In addition, our own customers will benefit from the access we now have to technology and expertise from PSI Engineering, particularly in the area of eCommerce order fulfilment automation.”

The Linkx random box sizer, which is a key element in the partnership agreement with PSI Engineering, works with any size of transit box up to a maximum size determined by the model of the machine, including inexpensive and readily available standard RSC slot-cut boxes. The boxes can be presented in random order. Crucially, this means that users don’t need to “rationalise” their packing operations – they can continue to use their usual boxes.

The machine measures the box and the volume of the items within it, using a combination of sensors and vision systems. It then cuts and creases the box so that it can be folded to the minimum size needed to contain the items. Finally, the machine folds the box to its finished size and seals it with tape, glue, over-lidding, under-lidding, secure strapping or any combination of these.

The resulting minimum-size packaging has major benefits, including reduced carriage charges when using courier services that charge by volume. It also means that more packages can be fitted into transport vehicle so fewer journeys are needed, which saves money and reduces carbon emissions.

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