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Loma Systems CW3 Checkweigher

Following the successful launch of it’s cutting edge variable frequency metal detector, the IQ3+, Loma Systems, leading global suppliers of metal detection, checkweighing, and X-ray inspection equipment is proud to launch its next generation checkweigher – the compact and versatile CW3.

The CW3 Checkweigher is designed very specifically with the food production industry in mind. The checkweigher can easily be integrated into high-speed lines with belt speeds up to 120m/min, making this unit ideal for today’s high volume production lines. Fast and accurate, the CW3 can cope with a wide range of flexible and rigid packs weighing up to 1.5kg, and future models will be able to handle heavier weight packs.

The demanding and specific needs of industrial food production, such as strict cleanliness and enhanced durability, have been key factors in Loma’s development of the machine, following the company’s ethos of ‘Designed to Survive’. The machine will operate accurately at low temperatures and is resilient to cold, which is crucial when many food production lines run in near freezing environments.

Constructed of stainless steel, right down to the bearings and rollers, the CW3 Checkweigher will happily endure real-world production line conditions and the inevitable intensive cleaning processes needed to maintain hygiene standards.

Another major facet of Loma’s development of the checkweigherhas been improved usability and ergonomics. It is a flexible, customisable unit that will fit neatly into most existing conveyor systems, improving accuracy and usability in many operations. User-friendly touch screen controls offer simple, multi-lingual operation for a wide variety of operators. With this increased flexibility, the unit can easily adapt to new or changing products and pack sizes, and can even be switched to other production lines or manufacturing plants should the need arise.

The checkweigherhas a simple USB connection and a PC interface making it easy to produce reports and statistics and to download these either to a memory stick or to a factory network.

Added to this, Loma have made sure the CW3 Checkweigher is fully compatible with their IQ3/ IQ3+ metal detector system, so both machines can be used in unison and controlled using the same interface panel. This combination system will store the product weight details and contaminant detection requirements of dozens of products, so that safely changing products on the line is fast and easy. This ability is particularly useful in applications such as contract packaging, where it brings about both a significant reduction in downtime and a major improvement in food product safety, reducing downtime.

As well as being fast and efficient, the CW3 Checkweigher is designed with a small footprint so it takes up as little production line space as possible. The design is easy to clean, having paid keen attention to minimising bug-traps, and the bead-blast surface of the machine is water-repellent to stop cleaning solutions settling. This dramatically cuts drying times – a significant consideration in any cleaning regime. Quick-release mechanisms for conveyors and other attachments also make cleaning easier and further reduce the potential for dirt to build-up.

The CW3 Checkweigher is an exciting product launch for Loma, as the company’s Managing Director, Simon Spencer commented. “The CW3 represents another advance by Loma in providing affordable weighing technology dedicated to the needs of the Food Industry. It is particularly well suited to weighing and inspecting the growing number of products sold by average weight, such as cheese, which it handles accurately and cost-effectively.

Supermarket Codes of Practice and other important food manufacturing regulations have a major impact on food suppliers who need the best technology as well as value for money. Great value and state-of-the-art technology – the CW3 Checkweigher delivers on all fronts!”.

Loma is a world leader in the design and manufacture of in-line inspection equipment. With a comprehensive range of Metal Detectors, Checkweighers and X-ray systems, Loma is committed to providing the most efficient and cost-effective solutions for all food product inspection requirements.

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