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LoeschPack unveils innovative packaging solutions for the confectionery industry

LoeschPack headquarters in the Upper Franconian town of Altendorf

Altendorf/Bamberg (24.02.2014) – From 8 to 14 May 2014, Loesch Verpackungstechnik GmbH from Altendorf, Franconia, will be head-lining its claim to global leadership in the packaging machinery market at interpack 2014 in Düsseldorf. On stand A 41 in hall 15, the systems provider is unveiling innovative and leading-edge complete solutions for the confectionery industry. LoeschPack continues to set standards at the world’s leading trade fair for the industry with its refined, customer-centric service solutions. The centrepiece of this development is the technical centre inaugurated directly adjacent to the production facilities in 2014, where existing and prospective cus-tomers can test packaging machines and train their staff. “We create samples and carry out test runs with original materials – also in cus-tomer formats. The generated data is used to analyse the cost-effectiveness and feasibility of our customers’ highly specific pro-jects,” says Andreas Graf, Managing Director of LoeschPack: “Working together with our customers thus intensifies our corporate philosophy of ‘> Packaging your Ideas ...’”

Packaging chocolate:

Bar and tablet wrapping system solution – fast, flexible, sustainable.
LoeschPack makes the best even better: the successful machine de-sign for two-stage packing of chocolate bars meets the current requirements of the market with many innovative optimisations. In particular, the rising demands for complete systems, optimum hy-giene and sustainability, simplest operation and format changeover, high flexibility, high output and OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency), and a compact, space-saving machine design have been implement-ed.
At interpack 2014, LoeschPack is unveiling the latest generation of the LTM-DUO two-stage fold wrapping machine in the corporate de-sign, combined with a flexible display cartoner. From product feeding to display cartoning, we offer a complete solution from a single source. The exhibit packs 100 g flat bars in a vacuum-packed, sealed inner wrap made of aluminium foil from the reel. The outer wrap is formed from a carton processed as a flat, pre-cut blank. The carton folding is traditional with tuck-in flaps, and the seal is closed with hot-setting glue.
In addition to excellent performance of up to 200 bars/minute, the LTM-DUO features great product, size and packaging style flexibility, gentle handling of the product and the use of bio-polymer foil. The refined twin station machine with outstanding overall performance thus sets new standards for packing chocolate bars.

Flexible system solution for packing Napolitains – individual wrapping and stand-up pouches
Customers are increasingly demanding complete solutions which in-tegrate various stages of the packing process. Together with its sister company Hastamat, LoeschPack is showing a line combination at interpack which packages Napolitains in individual wrapping followed by stand-up pouches with four-edge sealing.
The Napolitains are packaged in a full wrap made of OPP foil and sealed with adhesive points. The individual articles are transported on an ascending belt gantry to the CP-16-S32 combination weigher from Hastamat. There, the articles can be dosed precisely according to weight or counted to the exact number and then packaged in the downstream RM-270 vertical flow pack machine. This configuration provides an impressive demonstration of LoeschPack and Has-tamat’s line competence under the umbrella of the Piepenbrock group.
Customers frequently demand high performance for the wide range of smaller chocolate products such as bars, mini bars, and Napolitains to ensure efficient production and sale. The LRM-S single-lane fold wrapping machine for bars in our corporate design and with an output of up to 600 products a minute will be shown for the first time at interpack 2014. The twin-lane LRM/2-S, the “Ferrari of packaging machines” with double the output, offers customers outstanding performance.
Individual articles can be packed in envelope, cube or brush fold wraps, and the seal on the underside is glued or sealed. A large number of different wrapping materials can be processed from the reel. The latest machine design in terms of hygiene and ergonomics goes without saying at LoeschPack. Equipment features such as zero pressure accumulation product conveyance, a servo-driven packing material feeder and automatic roll changes (auto-splice) are implemented. The trade fair exhibit packs poured chocolate Napolitains. The articles feature a full wrap and are packed as an envelope wrap with an adhesive seal on the underside. The packaging material can be printed in sections.

Premium presentation of chocolate bars in cardboard
To ensure success at the PoS (point of sale), chocolate manufactur-ers present their bar products in premium cardboard packaging. Tightly sealed flow packs for the primary wrap guarantee excellent protection for the products. A flow pack in cardboard is an ideal choice for an efficient and inexpensive solution.
On stand A21 in hall 4, LoeschPack and Theegarten-Pactec will jointly be presenting a line combination for packing chocolate bars in flow wrap and cardboard. The chocolate bars are first tightly packed on a horizontal flow pack machine from Theegarten. The separate flow packs are then wrapped in a cardboard label on the LTM-K cartoning machine from LoeschPack.
The LTM-K is mechanically designed for an output of up to 220 bars a minute. At interpack, LoeschPack is unveiling a version of the ma-chine which packs 170 bars a minute. Depending on the design of the flow packs, outputs of up to 200 bars/minutes can be achieved with the machine. The cardboard is processed from a flat, pre-cut blank. The bottom seam is sealed using hot-setting glue, the side tabs are tucked in and also optionally sealed as a temper-evident seal. Cardboard boxes of varying quality can be processed. The machine features a large format range for rapid, flexible changeover.
In contrast to the horizontal cartoning machine, typical bar shapes and tapers can also be accurately reproduced. This enables premium presentation of the chocolate bars at the PoS.

Packaging chewing gum and confectionery:

High-performance system for roll wrapping
LoeschPack will also be presenting the modular, cutting-edge RPM-S roll wrapping system with product-related vibratory feeding at in-terpack 2014. The system is complemented by the associated WKM-2 display cartoning machine.
The RPM-S features excellent performance, tightly sealed roll wrap-ping and gentle product feeding. For round pieces of chocolate, up to 300 rolls can be packed per minute, for tablet-shaped lozenges up to 400 rolls/minute. The RPM-S can process one or two packaging materials. All the required folds are carried out on a wrapping head, which offers quick changeovers and guarantees top size flexibility. Various folding styles can be achieved depending on the chosen equipment, for example a traditional covering fold with five end folds and vacuum packing with fin seals.
An application for moulded articles in packaging material with a cov-ering fold and five end folds will be on display with a performance of 400 rolls/minute.

Modular wrap-around display cartoner for maximum performance
LoeschPack will be unveiling the modular, high-performance WKM-2 display cartoning system in hygienic design. The extremely flexible wrap-around cartoning machine packs accumulable and non-accumulable articles with an output of up to 65 cartons/minute in open display cartons. An add-on module allows the processing of non-accumulable articles such as flow packs, three-side seal pouch-es and slim packs.
The cantilever-type servo-driven machine design guarantees excellent standards of hygiene and ergonomics by completely separating the drive and product areas. The WKM-2 also offers excellent size flexibility and extremely fast and easy changeovers within the space of minutes.
The flexible cartoning system admits diverse solutions for chewing gum, confectionery and chocolate articles. The WKM-2 is increasingly finding use in other food and non-food applications.
The version of the machine presented at the trade fair is defined for filling open folding cartons. The cartons are packed with two layers of 10 pre-packed chocolate bars each in single rows.

Flip-top packing for chewing gum sticks
The inline chewing gum line from LoeschPack for packing chewing gum sticks in flip-top packs will be on display for the first time at in-terpack 2014. The machine consists of the latest versions of the GW04 fold wrapping machine for single sticks and the twin-station LRM-DUO fold wrapping machine cartoning and cellophane sealing. 2,300 single sticks can be packed per minute on the GW04, while up to 230 cartons a minute can be packed on the LRM-DUO. New rotat-ing breakers for the single sticks on the GW04 primarily offer advantages for multilayer gum, as no shear forces impact on the dif-ferent layers as is the case when using the breaking principle. The separately packed TabGum sticks are then grouped into layers of five articles. Two layers are placed on top of each other to form the content of one pack. At the downstream LRM-DUO machine, the pack contents are packaged in carton full-wrap assembled from flat, pre-cut blanks, and then tightly sealed in cellophane. The flip-top packing style for chewing gum sticks is thus implemented for the first time by LoeschPack with this specially-developed solution.

Gum Information Center (GIC):
At interpack 2014, LoeschPack will be completing its display with a wide-ranging presentation on all aspects of the subject of chewing gum.
Technical animations, videos and a multitude of fascinating product samples will be shown.
Find out about the automation solutions for feeding chewing gum slabs into high-performance packing machines, our twin-lane high-performance fold wrapping machine for TabGum. Our expert team on the stand at interpack will be happy to explain the details of our new GW04 high-performance machine to prospective customers as the heart of modern chewing gum packaging lines. The machine can be equipped with a range of add-on modules for different tasks. We will also be delighted to tell you about our innovative chewing gum pack-aging using production line concepts with components for wrapping, boxing and sealing multipacks in cellophane.

About Loesch Verpackungstechnik
Loesch Verpackungstechnik GmbH is an international manufacturer of packaging machinery and systems based in the Upper Franconian town of Altendorf. As a subsidiary of the Piepenbrock Group, the company offers integrated solutions for customer-specific packaging systems. At the same time, LoeschPack offers the entire spectrum – from semi-automated or simply-automated, entry-level solutions to multi-level, complex system solutions. The company’s product range includes packaging machines for the food and non-food sectors. LoeschPack is particularly specialised in the packaging of chewing gum, chocolates and dry baked goods. LoeschPack’s cutting-edge production methods and comprehensive quality management are the foundation on which its sophisticated, high-tech, economical and high-quality machinery and equipment are built.

LoeschPack takes responsibility – also for the environment. It offers customers carbon-neutral machines with the “carbon neutral packag-ing” label. Any emissions released during the value creation process are offset through climate protection projects – and confirmed by a certificate issued by a neutral third party. In addition, LoeschPack plants trees in Piepenbrock’s Rheinshagen forest, ensuring carbon-neutral operation of its machines at customer sites.

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