Low migration, heat-resistant, flexible

As a compoundeur with specialization in the area of strictly-regulated markets Actega DS offers decades of experience in the development and manufacture of plastics and consistently realizes innovative product solutions for the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, medical technology and cosmetic industry. Free of PVC and sustainable manufacturing have priority. Therefore one key focus is on an innovative range of TPE materials which allow individual modifications and maximum areas of application.

In the business area packaging solutions Actega DS manufactures high-quality sealants for plastic and metal closures. As the technology and innovation leader in this sector, the company committed itself very early on to advancing a PVC-free strategy and developed PVC-free technologies. The TPE-technology had been used in the food sector since decades. As early as the 1980’s it was possible to successfully establish PVC-free granulate for crown caps and aluminum caps on the market. A product for metal/plastic composite cap has been on the market since 2006 which is used for injection molding and is able to withstand sterilization process. Development of PVC-free granulates for vacuum metal closures commenced in 2005. In 2008, it was possible to present the first PROVALIN® prototype and in 2010 to launch after intensive testing the variant 1241 as a comprehensive sealing compound for products with a high oil/fat content in Twist-Off caps. On the basis of these findings, additional variants of the PROVALIN® family – actually ten -have been developed that guarantee the same functionality as previous sealants. With the refinement of TPE compounds also for use in Twist-Off® lids and other metal closures, the company has once again proven itself as a specialist and demonstrated its competence to blaze new trails from PVC to PVC-free technologies. The development of PROVALIN® marked a success story.

TPE also play a big role as plastics for medical applications. Sample applications include injection molding of plugs, seals and sealings, the extrusion of hoses (e.g. for manufacturing catheters) or for attaching non-slip and soft elements to handle components and operating elements.

Developed for the area of medical technology, the compounds ProvaMed® cover a wide mechanical range comprising flexible and elastic (shore hardness A20, E-Modul under 2MPa) to resistant, harder and non-abrasive compounds (shore hardness A80, E-Modul 30 MPa). They have been designed to display maximum stability during standard sterilization procedures such as gamma radiation and gassing with ethylene oxide.

The production of ProvaMed® involves the use of raw materials which comply with the requirements of the European Pharmacopoeia or have been examined for bio-compatibility in accordance with generally-accepted standards. The suitability of the plastics for sensitive applications has been confirmed by tests in accordance with ISO 10993 and USPVI.

Further innovative solutions for the packaging industry are the following:

The SVELON® family of products includes a range of PVC-free granulate variants for crown caps, twist caps, aluminum and plastic closures for beer, mineral water, wine, etc.

OXYLON® is a barrier sealant especially for protecting beverages from oxygen and other volatile substances. In this case, too, different variants are available for corresponding product requirements. Additional barrier compounds – for plastic closures – will be available soon.

Scavenger Compounds – SvelOX® -neutralize oxygen from in the head space of closed bottles. Additionally they prevent oxygen ingress into the bottle.

In addition, Actega DS offers Polyliners® for use with plastic closures and its Peak-Free® technology for contents with especially delicate sensory properties.

These innovative solutions along the value-added chain are created at the company's Bremen location with 120 employees and a number of strategic partnerships. To this end, the company has automated, modern production equipment at its disposal. The company continually invests in the latest machine technology, as well as research and development, in order to spearhead the introduction of new, patented technologies.

Actega DS, which was founded in 1920 as Diersch & Schröder, has belonged to Altana AG since 1995, making it part of a strong group of companies that is represented worldwide. As a member of the Actega Coatings & Sealants division, the company avails of a global structure enabling to utilize synergies across various technologies in order to create demanding products of high performance in a wide range of applications.

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