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MULTIVAC expands portfolio to include special chamber machines for packaging of medical goods and pharmaceutical products in film pouches

At interpack 2014 in Düsseldorf, MULTIVAC will be presenting two additional vacuum chamber machines of the TC series, the C 200TC and the C 300TC. With the two entry-level models for validated and calibrated packaging in film pouches, MULTIVAC has expanded its portfolio of packaging solutions for the medical goods and pharmaceutical industries.

The two new machines are based on the same technology as the existing models C 400TC and C 500TC but have smaller size ranges and reduced equipment options. They thus represent an economically attractive alternative to the two larger models. The two chamber machines C 200TC and C 300TC were developed specifically for companies in the medical goods and pharmaceutical industries, which attach great importance to process reliability, reproducibility and cleanroom suitability.

With the chamber machines, the suffix "TC" stands for "thermo-controlled". In these machines, the sealing bars are constantly heated and, in contrast to the chamber machines which are equipped with impulse sealing as standard, offer a high degree of process reliability and reproducibility. The machines can be used to seal film pouches made ​​of a wide variety of materials.

The compact table machine C 200TC is designed as an entry-level machine for small batches, small products, and small installation areas. The most important element of the C 200TC is the temperature-controlled sealing bar, which guarantees consistent seal quality. It is also equipped with a manually operated chamber lid. This has a viewing window through which the packaging process can be observed. For the vacuum supply of the chamber machine, both a built-in pump and an external connection can be selected. Important parameters such as sealing pressure and temperature can be quickly and easily set as well as visualised on the control panel. The C 200TC can also be used for the production of modified atmosphere packs.

The C 300TC is a machine equipped with castors, allowing it to be flexibly placed at different locations. Through the use of an IPC control, the processes can be fully monitored and controlled. Below the chamber there is a practical compartment in which film pouches, products or additional equipment such as a label printer can be accommodated. A vacuum pump can be used both on an integrated basis and connected externally. External calibration connections are easily accessible on the rear of the machine.

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