Green Light Products Ltd

Managing Director Karl Yeo makes TV appearence on the S4C news

It began with a call from a reporter named Ellis Roberts enquiring about Green Light's attendance on an Indian trade mission in 2012. The background being that the Welsh government are visiting the US on a trade mission in 2014 and coverage on previous successful trade missions is exactly what is needed to show the true benefits of such government projects. After finding our more about the company and their attendance on a number of successful trade missions the TV cameras were on their way within the hour to the Green Light offices in Cardiff.

The news piece set the scene with an explanation identifying the company as a market leading air bag and loose fill packaging manufacturer with back shots of our factory facility. The interview focused on how the company had benefitted from previous trade shows and what was crucial to their success. The Managing Director Karl Yeo discussed how the exposure to new international markets that the trade missions provide is incredibly valuable and has been a key contributing factor to Green Light's recent exceptional growth.

What is involved in the preparation of the trade missions was also focused on as Karl Yeo highlighted that a clear plan and identification of the exact businesses in the countries visited can be crucial to success. With the correct structure and trade mission program Wales can expand its trading relationships with countries all over the globe and take full advantage of the benefits this can provide for the businesses and people of Wales.

Green Light Products would like to thank Ellis Roberts and both BBC Wales and S4C for including the company in their coverage of the proposed Welsh governments trade mission to the US.

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