Pulp moulded one-way pallet

Pulp-moulded pallets are a sustainable alternative to one-way pallets made of plastic. Photo: Wiederstein Verpackungen

Hemp, a trending material?

Pot and cases with hemp paper labels

Self-adhesive labels made of hemp paper for high quality cosmetics. Photo: Etiket Schiller

Paper made from 100 % hemp

Protective mycelial packaging for cosmetics

A naturally grown package made of a mycelial network and hemp fibres. Photo:

Mycelium plus hemp equals good protection

Part of a mycelium package

The mycelium fills the space between individual hemp shives, thus binding the material. Photo:

Sealing system with a big pack ready for closure, side view

Image: SSB Wägetechnik GmbH

A graphic shows drums wrapped in stretch film on pallets. Red lightning bolts are printed on the film.

The antistatic stretch film is marked with printed red lightning bolts. Image: BASF