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So-called 'liquid caps' can easily be mistaken for sweets by children. The Europe-wide initiative “Keep Caps from Kids” raises awareness among consumers. © Arkady Chubykin /

Less colourful and no longer transparent

New regulations for liquid detergent packaging

New EU provisions for liquid detergent packaging

What’s new?

Less colourful, a bitter taste, more robust materials: 'Persil Duo-Caps Universal' by Henkel are packaged in a particularly child-proof manner. © Henkel AG & Co. KGaA
Unilever’s 'Coral Optimal Color Caps 16 WL' feature both figurative and text warnings for parents reminding them to keep the detergent out of children’s reach. © Unilever
The packaging of 'Ariel Flüssig Color&Style 15 WL' is now mainly white. © Procter & Gamble

Measures undertaken by the packaging industry