A delivery van showing many different parcels with different labels stacked inside.

The number of online orders and delivered packages is growing every year, all over the world. (Image: Claudio Schwarz / Unsplash)

Packaging in the times of e-commerce

Sustainability is in demand

Total view of a packaging machine for flexible paper bags.

Paper e-com by Hugo Beck matches the size of the bag to the dimensions of the product. (Image: Hugo Beck GmbH)

Flexibility and fitness for recycling

Product photo of two paper shipping bags by Walki

Flexible bags like the WalkiFibre Wrap need less space to transport compared with boxes, and thus cut down carbon. (Image: Walki Group)

Is the future re-usable?

A compass lying on a tree trunk.

interpack 2023 is ready to start. But is the industry ready? (Image: Jamentle Reskp/unsplash)

Schubert opens educative training centre

By expanding their training programme, Schubert wants to counter the lack of trained professionals and offer customers individual support. (Image: Gerhard Schubert GmbH)