Close-up of some cup plant blossoms; a bee has landed on one of them.

All that glitters is green? The cup plant’s ecological balance as a commodity for paper was at the centre of a recent study conducted by the Fraunhofer Institute for Environmental, Safety and Energy Technology UMSICHT. (Image: OutNature)

Packaging made out of cup plant fibres – an eco-friendly alternative?

A field of cup plants in front of an industrial plant.

Since 2020, German company OutNature has been researching the potential use of the cup plant in the manufacture of paper. (Image: OutNature)

Higher yields thanks to efficient land use

Energy efficiency through modern technology

Portioned cress in a cup plant-based paper container with logo of discounter Kaufland printed on it.

Some German supermarkets already stock products packaged in the new cup plant-based paper, such as discounter Kaufland pictured here. (Image: OutNature)

Waste paper used for the first time instead of fresh fibres

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