White smoke coming out from factory grounds

Many companies are thinking about their energy consumption and CO2 emissions. (Image: Marcin Jozwiak/ Unsplash)

Reliably determining the carbon footprint of packaging machines

A method for more transparency

Syntegon capsule filling machine

The capsule filling machine GKF 720 was used to develop the method.
(Image: Syntegon)

Successful first trials

Syntegon wraparound case packer

Syntegon tests their method for calculating the carbon footprint of their systems using the wraparound case packer Elematic 3001. (Image: Syntegon)

Sealing system with a big pack ready for closure, side view

Image: SSB Wägetechnik GmbH

A graphic shows drums wrapped in stretch film on pallets. Red lightning bolts are printed on the film.

The antistatic stretch film is marked with printed red lightning bolts. Image: BASF