A fully loaded container ship being towed into a harbour.

Containers have become sought-after rare commodities. (Image: Mika Baumeister/Unsplash)

What are the consequences of the strain on supply chains?

Empty fridge shelves in a supermarket in England.

Empty shelves at supermarkets are becoming increasingly common. (Image: John Cameron/Unsplash)

From just-in-time...

Bird's eye view of a large number of parked lorries.

Is the "warehouse on wheels" past its sell-by date? (Image: Nigel Tadyanehondo/Unsplash)

To just-in-case

Sealing system with a big pack ready for closure, side view

Image: SSB Wägetechnik GmbH

A graphic shows drums wrapped in stretch film on pallets. Red lightning bolts are printed on the film.

The antistatic stretch film is marked with printed red lightning bolts. Image: BASF

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