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New AIO Tablet Tester Advancement

New AIO Tablet Tester Advancement includes Vacuum Transfer, Tool-Free Dismantling and Dust-Tight Segregation Pharma Technology s.a. – a specialty manufacturer of innovative tablet dedusters and capsule polishers combined with metal detectors and loading systems for pharmaceutical solid dose production – will debut an enhanced in-process tablet tester for its AIO - All In One Tablet Deduster and Tester System at INTERPACK Düsseldorf Hall 16 / E10 , Mai 8-14 at Düsseldorf Exhibition Center.

Short for “All In One,” the AIO Deduster and Tester System builds upon the company’s signature PharmaFlex family of dedusters by offering turnkey peripheral devices as integrated solutions. The system’s sophisticated engineering affords unparalleled flexibility while meeting superior standards for output and quality of dedusting.

Pharma Technology Inc.’s AIO Deduster and Tester System combines three units on one fully-GMP base. First is PTI’s PharmaFlex segmented deduster spiral, which is composed of high-tech pressure molded polymer segments or 316 stainless segmented spiral (each stainless segment has a vertical height of 500mm). Second is one of the company’s three main pharmaceutical models of metal detector: Ceia, Lock or Safeline.
The third component is a high-precision, in-process tablet tester for weight, hardness and thickness. Following recent upgrades, the AIO’s tester now offers these unique features:
• Vacuum transfer (as opposed to Venturi) and filter providing dust-free transfer of samples to tester
• Tool-free dismantling of all product contact parts, for easy cleaning
• Dust-tight segregation of technical areas

The tester can be positioned on any of three sides on the deduster’s base, and offers push-fit cable-free connections for power and data storage. This creates a compactness where the need for additional vacuum conveying pipes and cables has been eliminated. The tester also contains an advanced scale generation that eliminates most manufacturing interference. The result is streamlined performance of tableting machinery – a means of directly monitoring and controlling the manufacturing process with significantly less operator supervision.
Like all PharmaFlex equipment, crucial components of the next-generation vertical deduster system are made from polymer or stainless steel to achieve the highest levels of functionality and flexibility. Other advantages of the AIO PharmaFlex Deduster and Tester System include:
Excellent dedusting and deburring performances via air pulsing and powder extraction technology Low noise emission (less than 70 decibels)
Vibration effect cancellation: no vibration is transferred from main deduster segment to ancillary equipment
Ease of emptying: Sophisticated design for full tablet emptying and zero tablet traps
Fast product change-over via an exchangeable deduster module, as well as the ability to wash the Exchangeable Deduster Module
Tablets conveyed to the IPC tester through a vacuum that removes dust

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