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New: Pharmaceuticals solutions for new challenges

The Markoprint inkjet printers are suitable for the implementation of all customary track & trace concepts, for example from the Securpharm® initiative or GS1 as well as for all national requirements. And even conforms to 21 CFR Part 11. The new non-stop printing function increases machine availability and reduces downtimes. Full use of the ink cartridges here lowers consumables costs. It is no longer necessary to preventively replace a half-full cartridge, which in any case means the machine having to be stopped.
For manipulation protection, Bluhm offers a compact tamper-evident labeller, which can be integrated into the existing data matrix stations or weighing systems. Depending on the machine, the label is either affixed after the weighing process, or after an inkjet printer, for example from the Markoprint range, has printed a serialised data matrix onto the individual packaging. The seal label is attached to the packaging on both sides and automatically wrapped.


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