Rieke Packaging Systems

New closure combines product protection and easy dispense

New 32mm REL closure and optional funnel

Rieke Packaging Systems has developed a new closure and funnel combination for tin cans with 32mm REL opening to allow the fast and easy pouring of fuel additives and other chemicals.

The 32mm closure features a push-and-turn child resistant operation that is also senior friendly to ensure easy access for all adults. The funnel is attached to the rim of the container opening and is screwed into place once the closure is removed. This enables users to easily direct the additives into the fuel tank or other difficult to access areas with no danger of spillages.

The closure and funnel are injection moulded in polyethylene. The closure incorporates an aluminium barrier for enhanced product protection in order to avoid evaporation of the contents. The funnel is designed to fit snugly against the container to maximise on-shelf space. It combines excellent flexibility to enable it to be used in many different applications with a sturdy construction for a reliable leak-free performance.

The ISO 8317 certified (child resistant packaging) closure is available in red or white and can be specified in a variety of additional optional colours to suit product and branding requirements. It will be on show for the first time at Interpack.

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