Rieke Packaging Systems

New lotion pumps are a stylish addition to the Rieke Dispensing range

Rieke Dispensing has further widened its choice of dispensers for personal care, cosmetic and household applications with the launch of two new lotion pumps. The stylish, modern-looking Jassi and Cygnet are fully customisable dispensers suitable for viscous products such as hand washes, moisturisers and cleansers.

Both pumps are available with a smooth or ribbed closure and can be customised with a wide choice of colours and finishes to complement container designs and create effective shelf stand-out. They can be specified to suit a variety of neck sizes. The Jassi delivers a 2ml dose and the Cygnet 2.2ml.

The dispensers provide fast, reliable and accurate dosing and are lockable in the up position for added convenience and security. In addition, the Cygnet features a metal free fluid path for sensitive formulations which ensures no metal comes into contact with a product during dispensing to avoid any possibility of corrosion or discolouration.

“The correct choice of dispenser is a critical part of ensuring the most effective packaging for many personal care products,” comments Nicolas Lemaigre-Voreaux. Rieke Dispensing’s European Sales Director.

“Our Jassi and Cygnet lotion pumps add another dimension to our personal care dispensing solutions, meaning we offer one of the widest selections of dispensers which can be tailored to a product’s precise specifications.”

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