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3 sachet formats on one machine

Flexibility and efficiency through automation with the BoxTeq 600 cartoner for Proderma in Switzerland - Successful live FAT

Proderma AG is a Swiss contract packer that is a leader in the production of individually packaged wet wipes, e.g. desinfectant wipes. Until recently, these were packed by hand into folding boxes. With the desire to automate this process step and thus increase output & efficiency, Proderma went in search of a fully automated packaging solution. And found what it was looking for at Christ Packing Systems!

Several factors tipped the scales in favor of the BoxTeq 600 cartoner from Christ Packing Systems:
  • An output of 420 sachets / minute with up to 100 folding boxes / minute
  • The flexibility to run 3 different formats on a single machine
  • Particularly fast, easy format changeovers in just 20 minutes - ideal for small and medium batches
  • An absolutely customized 90° infeed area with a smart Pick & Place solution
  • Ergonomic, attractive machine design with optimum accessibility and solid construction
  • The possibility of a reference visit to a customer & on-site inspection of the machine
  • The partnership-based cooperation on an equal footing and the continuous mutual commitment
A few weeks ago, we had the pleasure to welcome Mr. Daniel Bächli and Mr. Bernard Ndau from Proderma AG at our company site in Ottobeuren. We completed a successful live FAT for the BoxTeq 600 cartoner for packing sachets into folding boxes.

The challenges of our project:
  • A required performance of 420 sachets / minute with up to 100 folding cartons per minute
  • 3 different sachet sizes with different surface-textured seal rim pouches and differently sized folding cartons
  • Special folding cartons made of recycled cardboard with an opening to pull out sachets individually
Our solution:
  • A collaborative robot to provide the simulation of the infeed of the sachets to the machine
  • A highly product-specific in-feed area with a smart pick & place engineering design to pick the incoming sachets and place them on the bucket chain conveyor with a rotation for every second incoming sachet
  • A packaging machine designed for particularly quick & easy format changeovers in just 20 minutes to optimize productivity and minimize production downtimes
We are delighted to receive Mr. Bächli‘s positive feedback after the successful FAT:
"The innovative solution and its implementation fully convinced us. We are impressed by the solid construction, the accessibility and the flexibility to run 3 different formats on one machine. We appreciated the excellent all-round support, and the willingness and flexibility of Christ Packing Systems to always respond to our wishes and to search for joint solutions."

We thank our team for the great work and Mr. Bächli for his appreciative feedback! We look very much forward to the installation of our cartoner in Switzerland!

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