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APACK Innovated autoMAP400 Fully Automatic Aluminium Tray Packaging Machine

autoMAP400 machine is designed for granule-solid-liquid-composite Ready to Eat packaging in aluminum trays. Both hot and cold foods can be used easily.

Aluminum trays placed on the conveyor with automatic systems and fill product with fully automatic systems if desired, or manually by the operator, after which their lids are closed with a fully automatic aluminum lid loading robot and transferred to the output conveyor and collection table by sealing with high quality vacuum and gas (if desired).

Product : READY MEAL (Solid-Liquid-Granular-Composite-Hot-Cold)

Tray Raw Material: Laminated Aluminum

Tray Dimensions: 110 x 160 mm.

Top Cover : Single aluminum cover

Conveyor: Double row – Die direction

Adhesion Surface Protection: 2x4 = 8 Ways

Mold : 2x4 = 8 Eyes

Packaging Method: Only Seal / Only Vacuum / Vacuum-Gas (MAP)

Lid Placing : Fully automatic aluminum lid placing robot

Capacity : 5-7 cycle/min.


autoMAP400 Fully Automatic Unit is a packaging machine capable of MAP closing using Vacuum and Gas with fully automatic systems. All systems are controlled by PLC (Programmable Logic Control).

It consists of machine unit, transport inlet conveyor, sealing section and electronic control systems. Vacuum pump is included. The machine has been designed in accordance with the ready-made capping instead of the multi-layered topfilm in the top closure. Apart from that, all additional systems in the project are priced separately.

autoMAP400 can work in harmony with any auxiliary additional units.

Automatic Tray Dispence Unit: It is the automation unit that arranges aluminum trays on the conveyor in accordance with the production sequence.

Automatic Filling Systems: 2x400Lt Fully automatic sauce/oil/soup filling unit. Each unit has 8 nozzle heads. Suitable for food or medical usage.

Adhesive Surface Protection Unit: Possible spillage of product onto the adhesion surface will result in defective seal and/or leakage of packaging. This unit prevents external spills during filling.

Vacuum Pump: 150 m3/h capacity vacuum pump suitable for the project.

Mold: 110x160 mm suitable for the project. 8-compartment mold specially prepared for measuring trays. Molds are produced by using high quality aluminum on special CNC benches by measuring them at micron level. The second mold for the soup is also 8-eyed and 110x110mm.

Liquid-Powder Particle Filter: It prevents liquid and dust particles emerging during production from entering the machine vacuum and welding parts.

Output Conveyor: A buckle type, washable and hygienic output conveyor.

Product Collection Table: 100mm. diameter free rotating product picking table.

Fully Automatic Aluminum Top Lid Feeding Robot: Automation robot that takes the ready aluminum lids from the lid feeding unit in accordance with the production sequence and places them on the aluminum trays on the mold one by one. It has its own vacuum pump for the vacuum suction cup transport system.

Liquid Product Conveying System and Software: Mechanical infrastructure and special liquid transport software that prevents liquid or liquid-containing composite products from spilling from the tray as a result of motion acceleration and resonances that occur during the transport of liquid or liquid-containing composite products on conveyors.

autoMAP400 machine with 8 nozzle heads and approximately 400Lt. It has been prepared with two filling units with capacity. The fully automatic filling unit works in full harmony with the electronic systems of the machine and is controlled from the touch control panel of the machine.

All parts of the filling unit are made of materials suitable for use in food products. Filling heads, nozzles, hoses, valves are completely suitable for liquid food products. The liquid tank is made of stainless steel. It is very easy to clean and maintain.

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