Craemer GmbH

Action plan to reduce CO2 emissions

The European Green Deal aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the European Union to zero by 2050 (net zero emissions). This has far-reaching consequences – also for the Craemer Group.

According to the content of the European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS), Craemer is obliged to report on sustainability from 1 January 2025. This means that in 2026 and subsequent years we will have to publish our sustainability strategy and criteria for the preceding year. The requirements are laid out in the EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), which was adopted by the European Parliament and Council in November 2022 and must be transposed into national law within 18 months.

In order to comply with our reporting obligation and to develop a sustainability strategy as quickly as possible, Craemer has already taken action – initially for the parent company, Craemer GmbH, and then later for the affiliated companies of the Craemer Group. We have currently commissioned an external consultancy company, which is specialised in issues of sustainability and which is independent of the industries involved, to target the carbon footprint stipulated by the ESRS in accordance with the GHG (Greenhouse Gas Protocol) for our fiscal year 2021. The next step will be to calculate the CO2 footprint of individual products or product groups based on our Corporate Carbon Footprint (CCF).

The respective Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) will provide us with information on the life cycle phase in which substantial CO2 emissions occur. In future, we will be able to feed the results into product development. We will identify the main sources of CO2 emissions in our processes and production, develop an appropriate strategy for avoiding and reducing CO2 and, in 2023, derive a roadmap for Craemer’s Net Zero Target. In this context, we will also consider whether it makes sense for our business to achieve carbon neutrality ahead of schedule through compensatory measures.

We will publish the results, strategies and progress in reducing our carbon footprint on our website and social media channels.

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