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Best Bakery Processing Equipment Manufacturers

For ages, biscuits have been a popular snack and have become necessary accompaniments with tea or coffee. Without them, these beverages or breaks feel incomplete. This has led to the biscuit industry becoming a timeless growing business. The increasing competition has made the choice of shortlisting the best bakery processing equipment manufacturers a bit difficult.

Our team of dedicated experts have shortlisted the best companies that are going to provide your organisation with first-rate biscuit equipment, best-in-class support & maintenance. Without further ado, let’s jump right into the list.

New Era Machines
Originating from the industrial town of Ludhiana in India, New Era Machines is a global veteran in this field. Since 1965, they have been catering to the dynamic needs of this competitive market with top-notch biscuit production lines loaded with advanced features & supported by excellent expert assistance.

If there’s one thing this organisation provides consistently, it is quality experience with their new age biscuit lines that is unmatched. Whatever the dough, recipe or filling, New Era machines’ biscuit production lines are a reliable solution for all your biscuit-making needs.

The continued trust & confidence of their global customers in them speaks volumes about the quality of machinery & support they provide. As they say, “Don’t wait, make the switch & witness the revolution in biscuit production”.

2. Baker Perkins

Next on the list, is a British-origin provider, which excels in offering biscuit lines that are known for their designs & development. They provide a range of mixing, forming, baking & cooling systems. They are a well-known food processing equipment supplier that has been attending to bakery product needs primarily with its latest bakery equipment.

3. Buhler AG

Headquartered in Uzwil, Switzerland, Buhler is a leading bakery equipment manufacturer in the food processing space. With a big production facility & high manpower, Buhler group attends to the client’s requirements readily & with modern machinery.

High volumes or orders also raise a challenge of timely support & assistance which they have been addressing to the best of their abilities till now. The acquisition of Haas Food Equipment gmbH has made them a bit stronger as well with an increase in market share.

4. Fritsch GmbH

A German company that has become a respected player in the biscuit & bakery production space due to its leading-edge machinery & custom layout options. The product catalogue is interesting but with limited choices. They boast the slogan “Passion for dough” for providing great quality solutions for bread, bread roll, pastry & other bakery products like croissant manufacturing. They are part of the larger Multivac group which is a reputed & established name in the sector.

5. Reading bakery Systems

When it comes to pretzels, crisps or cracker making Reading bakery systems is a name that often pops up. They are one of the prized bakery processing equipment manufacturers and offer a wide portfolio of reliable & turnkey bakery & biscuit production equipment that makes good quality crisps & biscuits. The machines have high product flexibility & safety for baking pizzas, pastries & pies, at least on paper. Real-world scenarios may differ on the conditions, requirements and demographics.

6. GEA Group

A german engineering & technological professional, GEA is a name that needs no introduction. It is a leading bakery equipment manufacturer that has been in the industry for quite a long time. They have been serving the biscuit production space with the latest & feature-rich biscuit & bakery solutions. But this tech comes at a premium, the considerable cost, the production economics & break even or return on investment are some of the points that need to be considered before jumping the gun.

It provides great solutions no doubt, but the value-for-money proposition & yearly technological advancements are crucial factors in this investment-heavy space that need to be carefully determined by the clientele.

7. Apex Machinery & Equipment Limited

Last but not least on the list is a popular name in sandwiching machine manufacturer space in South East Asia & China. Apex delivers good quality biscuit sandwiching machines & production lines. They offer custom solutions for stacking, chocolate enrobing, cooling & tray loading in the biscuit production sector. Be it biscuit production, chocolate production or confectionary production & packaging, apex has been providing solutions for all. The limited global coverage, support and accessibility are some of the crucial factors on which its growth depends.

The Wrap-Up

There you have it, our curated list of the best industrial bakery equipment manufacturers in the food processing industry that have created a mark & name for themselves in this cut-throat competition & have been serving customers efficiently & tirelessly. There are no clear winners here, as the best of most brands has some limiting factors and points that need to be addressed before they become ‘the best bakery processing equipment manufacturer’.

Still, considering all of the factors, if a prime contender is to be named that ticks most of the boxes, then New Era Machines emerge as the victor. With their new age hard, soft biscuits & cookie production lines, they offer the most comprehensive package for biscuit production needs.

Do let us know in the comment section below, which one you shortlisted for your baking needs & why.

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