Next step toward an autonomic secondary packaging process.
Mpac, a leading supplier of packaging machinery, is making the next step to automate the secondary packaging process.
Mpac introduces an option with the Langen cartoner portfolio to load the cartoner’s magazine fully automatic. We have developed a cobot concept that loads the cartoner’s magazine fully automatically. With the small footprint this solution can fit in almost every layout.

The Cobot Magazine Loader is the next step in our vision to develop fully automated lines that can run autonomy. Our proven semi-automatic AML and fully automatic RML solution cover the cartoners running at speeds above 250 cartons/minute. Our new CML can cover the automatic carton feeding of cartoners that run up to 250 cartons/minute.

In the current market situation, it is very difficult to find qualified personnel and automation is one of the solutions to tackle this. The CML from Mpac supports the operator in keeping the machine running with the highest possible efficiency. It frees up the operator from repetitive work and gives the operator the possibility to do other tasks around the packaging line.

 Visit us at Booth C43in Hall 6 and see the CML live in action.

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