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Compact packaging solutions for maximum flexibility and economy

Wolfertschwenden, March 02, 2023 - At interpack 2023 MULTIVAC will be exhibiting not only complete processing and packaging lines for the food industry but also needs-based solutions for small and medium-sized batches. This will enable craft businesses and small processors to get started with automatic packaging - with the aim of maximum flexibility and cost-effectiveness. Exhibits include compact thermoforming packaging machines and tray sealers as well as chamber machines in various sizes.

"This year, we are also deliberately focusing on our smaller, compact models. Because they are versatile, economical, efficient, above all sustainable and a resilient link in almost every production process," emphasizes Dr. Tobias Richter, Managing Director and CSO of the MULTIVAC Group.

Line solution for thermoform packaging

The heart of the line for foodservice applications is the R 085 e-concept thermoforming packaging machine for efficient packaging in small batches. The proven entry-level model can process conventional soft and rigid films as well as sustainable materials. Another advantage is that the compact all-rounder requires little floor space, operates exclusively electrically, and does not need compressed air or cooling water. This makes it particularly flexible to use within production. In Düsseldorf, the R 085 e-concept can be seen in combination with a Handtmann dosing system, which enables food to be dosed directly into the thermoformed packs.

Stand-alone machine for thermoform packaging

An entry-level machine for packaging a wide variety of foods, such as steaks or salmon slices, in attractive MultiFresh™ vacuum skin packs is the R 105 MF thermoforming packaging machine. This enables maximum shelf life and perfect product presentation to be achieved economically, even in small batches. The quality, freshness, color and structure of the product are presented naturally and the pack contents are fixed without tension. The special packing materials optimized for the MultiFresh™ process are also available from MULTIVAC.

Semi- and fully-automatic tray packing in the smallest of spaces

Sealing, vacuum packing, skinning or packing in a modified atmosphere or with high product protrusion? The T 255 traysealer is a space-saving stand-alone machine that allows the production of many tray packaging types in small and medium batches on one machine. Visitors to the MULTIVAC stand will be able to see for themselves the high flexibility and maximum availability of this efficient traysealer during the regular tool change demonstrations. This is because the machine can be changed over from the production of MultiFresh™ to MAP packs in a very short time and in just a few simple steps.

The T 305 is MULTIVAC's smallest fully automatic traysealer, which can be easily integrated into lines. It is at the top of its class in terms of output capacity and can accommodate single to four-lane formats. Thanks to variable infeed sections, the all-rounder, which can process trays up to a height of 110 mm, can be optimally adapted to individual production environments. MultiFresh applications with a product projection of 50 mm and PaperBoard applications are now also possible.

The packs are optionally marked by a DP 115 direct web printer from MULTIVAC Marking & Inspection. The film is printed using the thermal transfer process in the infeed of the packaging machine.

Packaging in pouches

With the B 425, MULTIVAC is exhibiting a compact chamber belt machine that offers very high performance, particularly when packing smaller products such as ham, cheese, poultry and fish. It is characterized by durability, extremely simple operation and the best hygiene. Cost-conscious operations aiming for higher product throughput when packing small products will also appreciate the new B 425, as the 1,300 mm long sealing bar allows many products to be loaded. Another advantage of the compact design is the machine's small footprint, allowing it to be used even in small production environments. When packaging with chamber belt machines, filling the bags with products and loading the machine often represent a bottleneck in the process. With the new MULTIVAC Pouch Loader (MPL) and new MULTIVAC Pouch Rack (MPR), belt machine loading is semi-automatic, resulting in a significant increase in efficiency and cost reduction. In Düsseldorf, the chamber belt machine is combined with an SE 320 shrinker, which uses precisely controllable heat to produce shrink packs that are particularly gentle on the product and reliable.

MULTIVAC table-top chamber machines are an ideal solution for the quick and easy packaging of smaller products. Due to their compact dimensions, they can be used very flexibly. They offer maximum performance and impress with their pack quality even in professional continuous operation. With the C 200 table chamber machine, MULTIVAC will be showing a proven model at interpack which, thanks to a chamber size of 465 x 355 x 150/220 mm, is also suitable for larger products such as pieces of cheese, ham or fresh meat.

Flexible flow packer for food

With the W 500 MULTIVAC is showing a universal flowpacking solution that offers a high degree of flexibility for packing a wide variety of food products and supports the use of sustainable films and paper-based materials. MULTIVAC's robust Hygienic Design™ machine features maximum efficiency, precision, ease of operation, reliability and economy with strong performance. Precise servo drive technology ensures maximum output and optimum process control. Products with a maximum width of 200 mm and a height of up to 120 mm can be packaged with or without a tray without any problems. Other features include independent speed adjustment of the rollers for wrinkle-free longitudinal sealing, reliable cross-sealing through precise and recipe-based control of sealing temperature and sealing pressure, and an integrated gas analysis system for MAP packaging with modified atmosphere.

MULTIVAC offers a wide range of solutions for labeling packs directly on a form fill and seal packaging machine. This ranges from inline labelers to direct film printers and combined systems. All solutions are characterized by an extremely compact design and optimum hygiene properties. In terms of both control technology and mechanics, they are perfectly adapted to the MULTIVAC flowpacker. A DP 207 printing solution on the W 500 will be on show at interpack.

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