Harman Ambalaj San. Tic. A.Ş

Composite Can with Paper Bottom

2023 Worldstar Awards                                                                                               
Boundries of folding box design has been pushed to the limits for this box to enable a cylindirical design. The design provides a unique look on the shelf with 360° visibility but delivered flat and folded to the customer. Due to its flat folded design, the transport and warehouse costs are minimized by the space efficiency. Furthermore all surfaces of the pack is customizable to deliver an attractive presence on the shelf.

Finally, the package is made totally of cardboard suitable for fridge applications to maintain rigidity and ensure a safe journey to the customer. As the package is made %100 by paper, the package continues its journey in paper recycle streams wtithout any waste.
The customized design of this package has been made through standard folder gluer machines without requiring extra investments for both customer and producer.

Exhibitor Data Sheet