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Depackaging all-in-one: the innovation Ready Depack Tecnofer

Tecnofer presents an innovative solution, born as an evolution of the proven Tecnofer depackaging technology. A solution able to cope with a problem present in many manufacturing companies in the food and non-food sector: the packaged waste.

After more than 45 years of designing and supplying high-level technologies for the recycling of plastic materials and the recovery of waste products, we decided to use our experience and knowledge in order to develop an universal solution to treat a waste which is still too little talked about, despite the high negative impact on several levels: the packaged product expired / unused / unconsumed.

Expired packaged waste
Packaged waste coming from production process
The fact that people do not talk about it does not mean that the problem does not exist or that it is not widespread. A large part of the regular waste production of many companies is made up of packaged products. Their complex nature, as they are often made up of two totally different types of materials, make them a waste that is very difficult to dispose of, as well as expensive. The common solution adopted for their disposal is to send them directly to landfills, which has a double negative impact: on the one hand, there is the economic impact on company business, which observe an outflow of funds for the waste disposal; on the other hand, there is the inevitable environmental impact.

What is the solution? The depackaging technology
Tecnofer depackaging technology was created specifically to address this macro problem, offering companies a mean capable of separating the components of the packaged product. The heart of the solution lies precisely in the recovery of the two materials, which after the separation process are ready to be “brought back to second life”.

The two materials obtained from the depackaging process implemented by the Tecnofer solution, can be used in many different ways: from the recycling of plastic, paper, aluminium coming, in most cases, from the packaging, to the reuse of the internal product in different market areas such as animal feed industry, green energy production and more. But how does the Ready Depack solution differs from the Tecnofer Depackaging system?

Ready Depack Tecnofer
The growing need of companies to find a profitable and sustainable solution to packaged waste problem, brought Tecnofer to develop its compact and “ready-to-use” system that can easily adapt to even the smallest environments.

Ready Depack was born around a very simple concept: a depackaging plant enclosed in an all-in-one solution, easy to transport, install and manage, even by companies that are now entering the world of recycling, recovery or depackaging.

Optimization is a Ready Depack keyword. The system components are installed on a very compact rectangular platform. Everything you need is at hand, from the loading hopper to the electrical panel that provides high process automation. One of its peculiarities, which makes it one of a kind, is the double overall configuration: “closed” for transport and “open” for the operational phase. The two lateral augers, which task is to give back the separated components, can open outwards to assume the operational configuration, or close towards the center to allow efficient transport and enter comfortably inside containers and other means of transport.

Optimization is present also during the installation process, which becomes fast and almost labor-free. It is exactly for this reason that we use the definition “Plug & Play” for Ready Depack, because it explains in just two words its extreme speed and ease of installation, consisting of only three connection points: electricity, compressed air and water (if necessary). Nothing more.

Versatility and ease of use
Ready Depack is a solution capable of treating various types of products: solid / dry, liquid, creamy and even with multiple packaging. Versatility is certainly one of its main characteristics and in which we have invested a lot, both in terms of performance and design.

Beside versatility there is the easiness of use for employees. One of Tecnofer goals was to make the system almost self-sufficient, with pre-set depackaging models (we called them “customized recipes”), linked to the particular compositions of the products to be separated. The user-friendly interface of the panel allows operators to manage processes intuitively and quickly. Furthermore, thanks to the integrated predictive maintenance, it is possible to optimize management and maintenance times and costs.

The eco-friendly aspect
Today sustainability is a strategic business objective. Technologies that grow the company greener are one of the principals of today business success. The increasing attention of consumers to this topic, and in the first place to the environment safeguard, means that the circular economy model is moving to the fore in the list of activities / goals of all business plans around the world.

Ready Depack is based on this aspect and makes concrete and achievable the business goals founded on circular economy and sustainability. In fact, by recovering materials through the depackaging process, Tecnofer contributes to their “rebirth” in the form of recycled products or sustainable energy, for example, like the circular economy model teaches.

In conclusion
Ready Depack is a Tecnofer great pride. There would be many other things to say about this solution, starting with the higher level automation and the interconnection feature, that connect the Ready Depack with company management systems.

To learn more about the Ready Depack solution, which is patent pending, we invite you to visit the dedicated page on our website: Ready Depack: all-in-one depackaging solution.

For additional questions and clarifications, you can also contact our professionals at the addresses indicated on the specific page.

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