Christ Packing Systems GmbH & Co. KG

Digital Twin – Embracing the technological future

Smoother and faster project implementation through virtual commissioning - did you know that Christ Packing Systems creates a digital twin of its packaging machines?

Due to individual customer requirements, Christ Packing Systems regularly creates unique packaging machines, some of which are developed only once.

In a classic commissioning setting, other companies – especially in this special development area – are regularly confronted with the situation that assembly components do not work directly with each other during the initial commissioning. The components have to be reworked or, in the worst case, newly manufactured. Depending on the extent of the rework, unnecessary costs and project delays arise, which also affect the customer.

Not so at Christ Packing Systems. For the past 2 years, the company has been using iPhysics, a physics-based 3D simulation software with real-time capability. This is used to create a virtual counterpart to the customer's machine and to carry out a virtual commissioning. The simulation model can be operated completely identically to the real machine, so that the behavior of the machine can be evaluated and optimized at an early stage. This results in assembly components harmonizing optimally with each other directly during the real initial commissioning, which saves time & costs.

Moreover, virtual commissioning enables the engineering, electrical engineering and programming departments to work on projects almost in parallel. This agile project processing within the design phase ultmately ensures fewer delays, smoother processes and faster project implementation.

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