BEUMER Group GmbH & Co. KG

Elara Digital offers innovative standard software for maintenance

Unplanned machine downtime leads to lost time and increased costs. In cooperation with the BEUMER Group, Elara Digital GmbH offers an innovative standard maintenance solution, which optimizes maintenance processes, maximizes the availability of machine assets and reduces the workload of the maintenance team.

The software enables users to schedule time- and meter-based maintenance cycles and informs them of upcoming tasks. It tracks all stoppages through simple status changes and gives users a complete overview. The software also manages all stock levels and simplifies the tracking of spare parts and consumables. It organizes standardized and recurring maintenance tasks and supports companies with their tests and inspections. The software’s reliable and timely performance of all the required activities helps to automate tasks and reduce maintenance costs.

Maintenance staff can immediately access all the relevant information for inspections or troubleshooting by scanning the QR code on the machines or equipment. Malfunctions, repairs and downtime can also be recorded and documented in seconds, ensuring a seamless machine history. The software also offers standard templates for shift supervisors to enter error messages. These templates can be used to create interactive, recurring checklists, eliminating time-consuming handwritten entries.

With this user-friendly mobile application, maintenance staff can record time and costs for maintenance directly in work orders and access documents such as operating instructions and circuit diagrams from anywhere. The application also provides a real-time overview of all the equipment, immediately showing which machines are active.

Elara’s user-friendly interface is optimized for tablets and smartphones. It replaces traditional pen-and-paper methods, enabling production and maintenance workers to organize their workflows efficiently. Elara’s team of experts ensures a smooth implementation and successful rollout, providing a reliable solution for all maintenance needs.

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