Christ Packing Systems GmbH & Co. KG

From packaging by hand to a fully automatic solution

Six vial formats on one machine – maximum flexibility with the BoxTeq 600 by Christ Packing Systems - Higher productivity for Alfasan in The Netherlands
Alfasan Diergeneesmiddelen B.V. is a manufacturer of veterinary medicine, specializing in the manufacturing of injection fluids, in particular suspensions. In addition, Alfasan also offers diverse injectors, eye medication, tablets and powders in a wide range of therapeutic groups.

Until recently, the vials containing the injection fluids were packed by hand into folding boxes. With the desire to automate this process step and thus increase output & efficiency, Alfasan went in search of a fully automatic packaging solution. And found what it was looking for at Christ Packing Systems!

The fully automatic packaging line comprises
  • A BoxTeq 600 cartoner for packing the vials plus leaflets into folding cartons
  • A FilmTeq 3030 film wrapper for bundling & stacking the incoming cartons and putting a stretch-film banderole around the collation
  • A CaseTeq 145 case packer for packing the collations into shipping cases
What makes this line so special is the complexity of the packaging variants for the BoxTeq 600 due to 6 vial formats, 5 folding carton formats, and 9 different leaflets (with 3 different leaflets for each folding carton). Being able to run all these formats on one single packaging line represents a maximum leap in efficiency and flexibility.

For Christ Packing Systems, this project marks the end of it’s previous machine era. This is the last packaging line that was completely implemented in the old machine design.

We want to thank our team for the excellent work and are very much looking forward to the installation of the packaging line in The Netherlands!

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