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Further developed pulsed X-rays

HEUFT has consistently developed its unique X-ray technology further with new tubes, generators, high voltage components and the right know-how. This once again increases the detection accuracy and availability of HEUFT eXaminer II systems and reduces the Total Cost of Ownerhship (TCO).

Full precision with minimal radiation! This has characterized it from the very beginning, the pulsed X-ray technology which is exclusively available from HEUFT for the gentle and precise detection of foreign objects, product faults and packaging defects. New X-ray components developed in-house now increase the detection and operational reliability of the quality inspection of product and packaging even further.

Since HEUFT developed it and launched it on the market in 1998 the patented pulsed X-ray has scored points above all with its extremely short exposure time for considerably clearer detection images. Because an X-ray flash which is at most one millisecond short is only emitted at the moment when there is really something to be checked there is no motion blur. In conventional line scanning with uninterrupted X-ray radiation, these make object recognition difficult, especially in high-speed lines. Pulsed X-ray inspection of up to 1,200 products per minute, on the other hand, literally freezes the product flow: streaks and blurred areas cannot even occur. And in up to 99 percent of the operating time, no radiation is emitted at all!

If it does, the intensity of an X-ray pulse of only 0.000015 Gray is a full 600 million times below the limit value up to which the World Health Organization (WHO) considers food irradiation to be harmless. The radiation energy is only 70 kilo-electron volts. And at 0.01 microsievert, the respective radiation dose is only one hundredth of what conventional X-ray scanners emit on average. For medical X-rays, it is even 900 times higher.
New X-ray tubes, generators and high voltage components developed in-house increase the coverage, sensitivity, detection and operational reliability of the HEUFT eXaminer II systems in combination with optimized image converter technology! Each individual X-ray pulse now penetrates considerably larger packaging volumes and product quantities than before so that the gentle and precise detection of foreign objects e.g. even in oversized gastro tins is successful. Depending on the application, the size of reliably detectable foreign objects is halved.

At the same time, the lifetime is increased. And before a total failure of important components can occur, the user is informed in good time so that he still has enough time for preventive maintenance. Essential X-ray components are even integrated redundantly – should one fail, the other takes over immediately to avoid unplanned production interruptions.
Whether for the pipeline inspection of still unpacked product mass, the top-down inspection of thermoformed trays, the sideways inspection of cans and stand-up pouches or the glass-in-glass detection: the further developed pulsed X-ray not only increases the detection reliability but also the operational reliability – and sustainably reduces the TCO of the HEUFT eXaminer II series of foreign object inspectors which will be presented at interpack. Visitors to the exhibition can examine the optimized X-ray components from the company’s own development for themselves at a separate Enlightenment station.

From empty bottle inspection to glass splinter detection in filled food jars: HEUFT’s cyber-physical device stele can be used to bring just about all of our systems to the Düsseldorf exhibition centre! So everyone who wants to find out what will be trending at interpack 2023 will certainly find what they are looking for at Stand 43 in Hall 13 from 04 to 10 May.

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