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We had a wonderful chat with Tolga Ergun, Sales Director of KULP Packaging Equipment and AMD Board Member, in this issue.
1.     You are one of the well-known figures in the industry as KULP Makine. You started your business in 1984 after realizing that the industry required filling equipment. What steps did you take to arrive where you are now?
Mr.Cuneyt Dogrusoz started KULP PACKAGING MACHINERY in the 1980s with the intention of using indigenous machinery to address the demand for mechanization and automation in various production lines. Throughout the early years of its existence, it created a range of equipment that changed based on the demands of the clients. Homogenizers, production and stock tanks, filling equipment of various kinds, and powder filling equipment were among these devices.
Beginning in the 1990s, it made filling, capping, and labeling machines in Primary Packaging lines its primary production subject in order to better comprehend the demands from various industries and to focus its customer portfolio on exports.
By focusing its production on a single area and raising the technology and product quality of the machines it produces, the company began to offer these machines in foreign markets as a result of this decision.
The company has been able to expand its references and create a sales network in these nations thanks to the demand for the machines displayed at international fairs. In 1989, the export adventure started with one country and reached 68 countries in 2023.
2.     While you initially produced filling equipment for several industries, after 1989, you institutionalized within the context of shifting global conditions, concentrating on Primary Packing. How did this situation contribute to you? Which sectors do you actively serve? Can you introduce your product groups?
A corporation achieves a high degree of product quality in this area because it consistently focuses on this particular area of manufacturing. The corporation is aware of the need for machine design modifications and adjustments to design that will make machines easier to use thanks to feedback from consumers who are using their equipment. As a result, the existing designs become stronger, longer lasting and easy to use. At the same time, in the long term, the details of machine periodic maintenance are revealed. The service life of the machines is increased by at least two to three times as a result of this suggested periodic maintenance. As KULP Makine, our spare parts and service department provides service to machines sold 20-25 years ago even today. This gives us important information about the service life of our machines.
KULP Makine provides services in filling machines and filling lines in Food, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, Chemical industries. The main filling lines are made up of feeding units for packaging, washing units for packaging, filling units, foil-sealing units, cap stacking and capping units, labeling units, and collection trays. These filling lines are manufactured in different capacities from 1,200 packaging/hour to 5,000 packaging/hour.
The primary area of production and expertise of KULP Makine is the packaging of low-fluidity, dense, granular, sticky, and other products that are more challenging to fill than liquids. These products are chocolate creams, peanut butter, honey, tahini and molasses. It has gained a different place in the sector with special filling nozzles and high filling precision filling machines for these products. The good news is that even competing businesses in the market for the filling of such products use it as a customer reference.
3.     Can you tell us about your staff, your production facility and your R&D activities?
Undoubtedly, one of the first conditions for high quality production in a certain field is to work with an experienced and expert staff trained in this field. It is a well-known fact that one of the biggest problems we face in production in our country is to find labour force in this demanded expertise. By bringing on both blue-collar and white-collar employees early in their careers and keeping them on board for a long period, we attempt to address this problem.
We are currently continuing production with a staff of nearly 40 people who are experts in their fields. Since the company's founding, there have been three additions to the building where we are now based, and its production space is about 1,000 square meters. In 2024, we will move to our new building of 4,800 square meters.
In the past 12 years, KULP Machinery has successfully finished more than 7 R&D projects for KOSGEB and TUBITAK on its own manufacturing. In addition to these initiatives, the company develops at least two new designs each year that are either self-determined or in response to market demands. These designs are presented to customers by the Sales and Marketing department after certain trial periods and tests.
4.     One of the ways to maintain an active presence in the market is after-sales technical support services. What are your after-sales technical support services? What kind of facilities do you offer to your customers?
The quality and design of a company's machines alone do not guarantee its success in the present domestic and international markets or its favorable difference from its rivals. The importance of after-sales service and spare parts service as a component of this difference cannot be disputed. Because of this, we have decided that being able to sell the second filling line or machine to the same customer is our company's most crucial success criterion. All firm departments, including the design, manufacturing, service & spare parts, and sales teams, can contribute to the sale of this second machine by successfully executing their individual tasks.
The installation and commissioning of the filling line purchased, along with giving the staff who will operate it the appropriate training, constitute the initial after-sales service. This step is followed by the provision of the necessary spare parts for the lifetime of the filling line. For 10 years, KULP Makine will provide spare parts that are in stock for all the machines it makes. After the completion of 10 years, it continues its spare parts service for up to 25 years with a certain production and delivery time.
On request, we additionally offer our customers filling lines long-term servicing with regular maintenance agreements in addition to these services.
5.     What distinguishes you as KULP Makine from your competitors in the sector?
The most important feature that distinguishes KULP Makine from its competitors is its special machine designs. Another feature is the production quality of the machines. Both the designs created with nearly 40 years of experience and the parts utilized in the construction of these machines, which are supplied by companies with a proven track record of excellence in their field, exhibit this quality. Complementary is its sensitivity in after-sales service and spare parts services and fast spare parts deliveries.
6.     We know that you also attach importance to your designs in production. Why is design so important for you?
Design for KULP Machine is a solution found for a need or a problem in any production. This solution, or design, ought to be both the best fit for the purpose and simple to use. We have always designed our own special designs since our establishment. It has never been an option for us to make machines similar to those of European manufacturers. After all, you won't be able to compete technically with an opponent from another country whose machine you are modeling. This competition can only be possible with a low price policy followed by low quality machine production. This kind of competition is not a path we will ever follow.
7.     What would you advise your customers to pay attention to in their purchases?
Today, the search for machinery and equipment is generally done over the internet. Unfortunately, these internet searches and advertisements do not always bring the companies that are good in their field to the forefront. These searches show businesses who excel at digital marketing and advance in this area. But regrettably, especially in our production area, this is not evidence of a company's technical prowess.
Of course, nowadays, internet searches are rapidly replacing sectoral fairs. It is an inevitable fact that there is no point in resisting this change.
The most crucial factor in this situation is that after discovering these businesses online, consumers attempt to learn about their experience in manufacturing, the caliber of the machines they manufacture, and the caliber of their after-sales support. The simplest method to do this is to visit the businesses, carefully check the machines, and ask the businesses' customers about the businesses, their machines, and their after-sales services. 
Of course, although price is one of the most important deciding factors in purchases, let's not forget that price alone should not be a deciding factor. The price/quality ratio must always be taken into account.
No matter how inexpensively you purchase it, a machine that cannot properly fulfill its producing objective is actually the most expensive machine in the world.
8.     We know that you are actively involved in international activities. You have been exporting to 59 countries since 1989. Do you have any priority markets abroad? What are the technical support facilities you provide to your customers there? Can you tell us a little bit about your foreign targets?
As of 2023, the number of countries we export to has reached 68. In recent years, our export ratio in our annual production has been around 70%. In recent years, African, South American and Asian countries stand out in our exports. We are developing business agreements with local companies in these nations in terms of representation in order to be more successful in these markets. We are also growing our sales team with new associates who speak the languages used in these regions.
We design control panels in multiple languages for our machines so that our international customers may use them simply. We also use remote access modules to quickly maintain our equipment. This fast and efficient after-sales service is our most important strategy to create new markets and customers abroad. The accuracy of this strategy is confirmed by our recent sales statistics.
9.     How was the 2022 for you? What are your goals and expectations for 2023? Will we hear news of a new product, project or investment?
In fact, the COVID process, which created bad results all over the world and which we all do not even want to remember, made us understand the importance of mechanization and automation in food production. As a result, we have been operating at maximum capacity since 2021 and occasionally struggle to meet demand. For 2023, I think that this momentum will continue.
We will introduce our customers to the new model Foil Sealing Machine for Glass and Pet Jars in 2023.
We plan to begin building our new manufacturing facility, for which we have already finished the project, in 2023, and to open this production facility in 2024. With this new production facility, we will realize a significant increase in our production capacity.
10.  You care about participating in fairs. We know that you take part in many fairs. How do you go about promotional activities outside the fairs? Which fairs are you planning to attend this year?
As I mentioned before, the importance and place of fairs in our sector is different. At the same time, we also see that fairs are not visited as much as they used to be. For this reason, in our foreign fair selections, we take part in fairs with a high number of regional and visitor number and interest rather than local fairs. Apart from this, of course, we also have a digital marketing strategy. In this regard, we recently recruited a colleague to our marketing team. Digital marketing is an increasingly important issue for our company to receive demand from all over the world.
This year we will participate in INTERPACK 2023 / Germany, GULF FOOD MANUFACTURING 2023 / United Arab Emirates and EURASIA PACKAGING 2023 / Turkey fairs. 
Spot1: "Working with an experienced and skilled workforce trained in this subject is without a doubt one of the first prerequisites for high quality production in a given field."
Spot2: "The innovative machine designs that set KULP Makine apart from its rivals are its most significant characteristic. Another feature is the production quality of the machines.''
Spot 3: "A company's products in this sector have a serious level of quality when it focuses on a particular production area,"

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