All-Fill International Ltd.

Leading European herb & spice manufacturer chooses All-Fill International

When a leading European manufacturer of herbs and spices required a new filling machine to upgrade and replace an outdated and unreliable system, All-Fill were pleased to help.

From the first stages of the enquiry All-Fill made sure we had a clear understanding of the requirements, carrying out testing of the customer products to ensure we could meet the required speed and accuracy.

The successful trials conducted by our dedicated test department gave the customer the confidence that All-Fill could meet and exceed their expectations – with a better tolerance and speed than they had requested, providing them with the opportunity to make significant savings when running their filling line.

All-Fill’s vibration unit was fitted to the machine to assist with settling of products that would otherwise not fit in to the required jars.  Tool-less adjustable for each format, this module is used to ensure that containers are filled efficiently with minimal de-densification of the product as it passes through the machine.

The product fill level is checked within each jar after filling using a contact-free laser level sensor. This links to a reject module allowing any deviations to be detected and dynamic adjustments to be made to the filling programme to ensure that the entire production run stays within tolerance.

A remote access router was also specified on the machine to allow our Service team to monitor the machine and provide advice should this be needed in the future without the need to attend the site in person.

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