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Milliken’s broad portfolio and expertise help enable a more circular plastics economy

Milliken & Company, a globally recognized leader in polymer additives and colorants, has the expertise and technology to help brand owners and converters achieve their sustainability objectives.

Milliken’s Chemical Business manufactures a range of packaging optimization solutions focused on enhancing clarity, reducing weight, utilizing mono-materials, improving recyclability, providing UV protection and ensuring food safety. The company draws from the 4 Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Replace) to guide its sustainability efforts in the market, an emphasis that mirrors Milliken’s overarching corporate sustainability goals.

“At Milliken, we see the impact sustainability can have on our communities now and in the future,” says Cindy Boiter, president of Milliken’s Chemical Business. “That's why we're dedicated to being a partner to the industry on this journey.”

Milliken’s technology-driven additive portfolio will be on full display at Interpack 2023 (Hall 10/Stand C32) in Düsseldorf from 4-10 May. Attendees can stop by throughout the show to preview Milliken’s additive solutions and discuss potential product collaborations.

“We aim to provide innovative solutions that help our customers achieve their sustainability objectives,” adds Wim Van De Velde, Global Vice President, Plastic Additives for Milliken. “Interpack 2023 offers attendees time to preview our portfolio, explore opportunities to collaborate, experience Techtalks and interact with our product offerings.”


A broad portfolio

Milliken specializes in optimizing the performance of polypropylene (PP) and recycled polypropylene (rPP), helping to make durable, lightweight resins a viable alternative to other, less-sustainable materials.

•              DeltaMax® performance modifiers and DeltaFlow viscosity modifiers improve key aspects of PP impact copolymers and recycled PP. DeltaMax enhances the physical and flow properties of rPP, thereby enabling the use of more recycled content while also allowing converters to save energy. DeltaFlow, meanwhile, helps recyclers increase the melt flow rate of pre- and post-consumer rPP, thereby reducing energy use and advancing circularity.

•              Hyperform® HPN® additives help maximize the stiffness of pre- and post-consumer rPP without sacrificing impact. At the same time, Hyperform HPN additives help to reduce carbon dioxide emissions during production, enabling users to display the much-desired UL eco-label on thin-wall injection molded products.

•              Millad® NX® 8000 ECO clarifying agent helps produce the durable, fully transparent, highly recyclable material known as NX UltraClear™ PP. Injection molders using the material can save both energy and money due to lower processing temperatures and faster cycle times than resin formulated using traditional clarifiers. This, in turn, boosts productivity and reduces carbon emissions[1], helping converters lower their overall carbon footprint while displaying the UL eco-label on their finished parts.

Milliken’s portfolio extends beyond polypropylene innovations. For example, UltraGuard™ Solutions increase barrier properties in polyethylene (PE), allowing converters to downgauge and enabling the use of more recyclable, mono-material PE package constructions.

Interpack attendees can also preview Milliken innovation in action by participating in one of its planned TechTalks during the expo.

Partnership & collaboration

Milliken’s commitment to a sustainable future for the packaging industry is seen outside its product innovations as well. In addition to partnering with PureCycle, Milliken participates in various industry initiatives, including:

•              Achieving a Gold Rating on its 2022 EcoVadis sustainability assessment;

•              Creating approved, science-based short- and long-term net-zero targets as informed by the U.N.-backed Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTI); and

•              Participating in the HolyGrail 2.0 digital watermarks initiative to enhance recycling.

Milliken is a trusted expert, an innovative creator and a purposeful collaborator with a keen eye on making a positive impact. Throughout Interpack 2023, attendees can discuss how Milliken solutions improve performance, sustainability and business returns. Visit Hall 10/Stand C32 or for more.

Milliken: Committed to sustainable solutions. Together.


About Milliken & Company

Milliken & Company is a global manufacturing leader whose focus on materials science delivers tomorrow’s breakthroughs today. From industry-leading molecules to sustainable innovations, Milliken creates products that enhance people’s lives and deliver solutions for its customers and communities. Drawing on thousands of patents and a portfolio with applications across the textile, flooring, specialty chemical and healthcare businesses, the company harnesses a shared sense of integrity and excellence to positively impact the world for generations. Discover more about Milliken’s curious minds and inspired solutions at and on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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[1] CO2 reductions based on reduced cycle time and energy usage are highly dependent on energy source.

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