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An electric application head that is also durable? This is Volta. It is robustly built, low-maintenance, and durable. In this way, it ensures maximum process reliability.

It is reliable: Volta achieves precise dot or bead application over the course of 1 billion operating cycles. There are hardly any wearing parts, so maintenance costs are reduced to a minimum. With protection class IP55, Volta is also protected against external influences such as cardboard dust or jet water. Thus, this electric application head is suitable for harsh environments such as in the packaging industry as well as for the food or pharmaceutical industry.

It is economical: Compared to the pneumatic SX Diamond application head, the Volta electric jetting head consumes 60% less energy. Because Volta does not require compressed air. This reduces both operating and maintenance costs.

It is precise: Volta is not quite as fast as the SpeedStar Compact, but with switching frequencies of up to 200 Hz, it is still fast enough for hot melt stitching. Together with the uniform temperature distribution in the application head, the fast closing times enable precise, repeatable adhesive application with exact cut-off.

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