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New dishwasher-safe bioplastics and natural-colored recyclates

„Grey is the new White“ is often the phrase used when talking about recycled materials. But not at FKuR: All compounds of the Terralene® rPP product range are characterized by a natural to white appearance. This means they can be colored in a variety of ways and offer packaging manufacturers new possibilities in terms of design freedom. 

Terralene® rPP is a family of hybrid compounds based on polypropylene (PP) that combines the ecological advantages of recycled and bio-based raw materials with 100% recyclability. Depending on the product grade, the recycled content ranges from 30% to 60% and comes from post-consumer waste streams. The biobased share is up to 33%.

The Terralene® rPP drop-in product range can be used in a variety of applications due to the good flowability and natural color of the granules, but is currently still limited to the non-food sector.

A new addition to the portfolio is Terralene® rPP 3508. This injection molding grade is characterized by optimum process stability on standard machines. Due to the compounding process specially adapted to the raw material, an MFI of 20 g/10 min [acc. to ISO 1133] can be achieved despite the high recyclate content of 60%.  

Distribution of EuCertPlast certified PE and PP recyclates from Kaskada Ltd.

In addition to its own recyclate and hybrid compounds, FKuR will be presenting a broad distribution portfolio of EuCertPlast-certified PE and PP recyclates for injection molding, blow molding and extrusion at Interpack.

„It already became clear at K2022 how great the interest is in sustainable, high-quality recyclates," states Patrick Zimmermann. "For food packaging in particular, however, there are still some hurdles in terms of recyclate use. If packaging manufacturers already want to make their packaging more sustainable, our biobased, highly recyclable drop-in bioplastics are the right choice, in addition to our high-quality recyclates," Zimmermann continues. 

New: Dishwasher resistance proven for Terralene® HD 4527 and Bio-Flex® S 5514

Since January 1, 2023, all final distributors in Germany who sell takeaway food and beverages have been obliged to offer their products in reusable packaging. If these reusable items are also made from renewable raw materials, fossil raw materials can be conserved even more effectively and CO2 emissions reduced. 

„The earth cannot produce raw materials as fast as humans consume them. Our resources are not infinite," emphasizes Niklas Voß, Associate Sales Director at FKuR. " Thanks to the successful dishwasher testing of our grades Terralene® HD 4527 and Bio-Flex® S 5514, we give our customers additional security in the development of sustainable reusable concepts," Voß continues.

Both grades meet the high requirements for temperature or chemical resistance and can be used for dishwasher-safe multi-use plastic articles.

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