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Plan and Order Hygienic Machine Guarding Faster

There's no need to 'do it yourself' - Let NTF help!
Planning hygienic machine guarding that meets the requirements of the food industry does not have to be a long and expensive process. NTF-Aalborg A/S gives you Fence Creator. A 100% free on-demand drawing software that lets you design and order your machine guarding project in minutes.

Read more about the benefits of using Fence Creator in our whitepaper on the challenges that can arise without the right fencing solution. Download the whitepaper here or start using Fence Creator right away on 

Protect your employees and equipment with hygienic machine guarding
The food industry is becoming increasingly automated with equipment that needs to be shielded for safety reasons. Getting too close to a working robot or machine is life-threatening for your workers.

Developing hygienic machine guarding that meets food industry requirements can be a time-consuming and expensive process when it's not your core business. That's why NTF-Aalborg has added the unique service of providing our drawing software Fence Creator for planning and designing hygienic machine guarding 100% free of charge. 

Machine guarding for enclosing production lines or robot cells protects workers from accidents, but it also protects equipment and machinery from, for example, impacts or collisions, which can sometimes bring production to a halt. 

Read the white paper on how to save time and money using Fence Creator!
Our white paper goes into detail about the features and benefits of using Fence Creator, as well as some of the issues you can avoid by using NTF hygienic machine guarding .  

Based on more than 25 years of experience working in stainless steel, Comp-Line is modular stainless machine guarding, which meets the requirements of quick assembly, hygiene, ease of cleaning and safety.

You can get more information about Comp-Line and Fence Creator by contacting us for sparring and advice for upcoming projects within hygienic machine guarding for the food industry.

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