REA Elektronik GmbH

REA JET UP - Faster. Higher. Further. More Innovative. Better.

With the REA JET UP, REA presents a completely newly developed direct printing system based on piezo technology and thus an interesting alternative to glued labels. UP stands for "Universal Print". This is already an indication that this system can do much more than earlier products of this type, which only worked on open-pored surfaces such as paper, cardboard and wood. For direct printing of high resolution content on smooth surfaces, such as painted and varnished surfaces, REA has specifically developed and patented innovative ink formulations with high drying speeds. A completely new ink supply as well as classic oil-based inks and UV-curing inks extend the range of the new UP. With a print height of 108.4 mm, a maximum print resolution of 360 dpi (vertical), 1,500 dpi (horizontal), a tripling of the previously known speed potential and an ideal print distance of 3 mm, an impressively innovative system enriches the future REA portfolio.

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