Schütz’s new full plastic frame pallet sets standards for automated transport and in warehouses

Even in ultra-modern, automated warehouses, it is essential that transporting IBCs is a safe and trouble-free process. To address this need, packaging expert Schütz examined the specific requirements for these applications and developed a completely new frame pallet made entirely of plastic. The special geometry makes it particularly suitable for horizontal transport on conveyor belts and handling in fully-automatic, high-bay warehouses. The new plastic frame pallet is extremely robust and stable, as well as UN-certified and sustainable when suitably reconditioned and reused.

 In many industries, such as the food or electrochemistry industry, pallets with plastic elements are used in preference to wooden and steel pallets. They are easier to clean, water-repellent, maintenance-free and durable. Now, Schütz has redesigned its plastic frame pallet. With its single-piece construction and the wide, partially smooth contact surfaces, the pallet is ideal for automated forward and sideways transport. On roller conveyors or chain-driven conveyors, the frame pallet enables a smooth horizontal movement, meaning that IBCs can be transported forwards and sideways safely and without jamming.

The new frame pallet can also be used for vertical conveying, as thanks to the design there is minimal sagging when lifting and lowering filled IBCs. The stable substructure makes it particularly suitable for transporting larger loads. In addition, the pallet can be lifted easily from all sides. It has UN approval and is also available as a full plastic frame pallet, where the bottom plate is also made of plastic.

Eco-friendly full plastic frame pallet manufactured in-house

Schütz manufactures the plastic frame range according to the latest technological standards in its own injection moulding plant. Production takes place in a single piece, including the corner blocks. The company uses HDPE made from 100% recycled material, which is obtained from reconditioning used industrial packaging in its own recycling centre. For this purpose, the packaging specialist collects emptied packaging worldwide through the Schütz Ticket Service. With the full plastic frame pallet, customers not only benefit from a stable, lightweight and easy-to-clean construction, but also improve their carbon footprint. Compared to a conventional steel frame pallet, up to 64.8 kg of CO2 can be saved, depending on the configuration.

 Further information about Schütz’s new products is available from May 4 to 10 at the Schütz booth D22 | E34 in Hall 10 at interpack in Düsseldorf, where all products will be exhibited and demonstrated.

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