Schütz Drumfix: An innovative load securing system for steel drums

The Schütz Drumfix load securing system by packaging expert Schütz is a new cost-effective, single-use system for the safe transport of steel drums. The new system allows four drums, either empty or filled, to be securely fixed to a pallet with the Drumfix elements. The cargo unit formed in this way absorbs all horizontal forces and is optimally secured even at inclinations of 45 degrees. The Schütz Drumfix securing elements are made of reinforced plastic, which Schütz recycles from used packaging components, and are certified according to EUMOS 40509 and other standards.

To ensure that a product reaches its destination intact and without any damage, it must be optimally packed and also firmly secured for transport. The new Drumfix load securing system by Schütz does exactly this: the system was specially designed to prevent steel drums from sliding and tipping over.

A cargo unit usually consists of four drums, grouped together on a pallet. The Drumfix elements are fixed to the pallet with special screws. The elements are designed to provide a firm connection with the lower seam of the drums. They can be attached in about 20 seconds. A strap around the upper section of the drums provides additional stability. This means that the drums, either filled or empty, are optimally prepared for transport and can also be stacked. Another advantage: with the Schütz Drumfix, the drums can be delivered as a ready-to-fill cargo unit at the customer’s request. The pallet and drums form a stable unit, which makes handling in the filling plants much easier and safer.

Dependable, simple, cost-effective and eco-friendly
The Schütz Drumfix elements are made of reinforced plastic, which the packaging expert obtains from emptied and recycled Schütz packaging in keeping with the company’s commitment to the circular economy. The four elements positioned between the drums make the cargo unit extremely stable and capable of withstanding considerable force. The Schütz Drumfix handles special test situations, such as tilting the loading unit by up to 45 degrees, without any problems. The system fulfils all legal requirements and international standards for load securing, as well as complying with EUMOS 40509. This standard, which applies in the EU, contains specifications to prevent the shifting of individual layers or complete cargo units. The EUMOS 40509 certificate creates maximum security for shippers who are responsible for securing the load and could face prosecution in the event of failings. With Schütz Drumfix, transport companies can guarantee the security of their loads.

In addition, they save expensive packaging material as the stretch film normally used as an additional safeguard is no longer needed, and neither are reusable components such as straps and metal brackets. As a result, users benefit from a reliable, simple, cost-efficient and environmentally friendly system that can be attached and removed very quickly. The Schütz Drumfix elements are recyclable and can also be returned via the Schütz Ticket Service to ensure environmentally friendly recycling and further use in the material cycle.

Further information about Schütz’s new products is available from May 4 to 10 at the Schütz booth D22 | E34 in Hall 10 at interpack in Düsseldorf, where all products will be exhibited and demonstrated.

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