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Smart Robotics announces the launch of the new-to-market Smart Parcel Picker

Eindhoven, the Netherlands, 3 October 2022: As of today Smart Robotics, a global leader in pick and place automation as a service for warehouses and logistics processes, is excited to announce the launch of their newly engineered Smart Parcel Picker. This picking robot is designed to depalletize and unload an array of containers with parcels, varying in size, surface material and weight. The Smart Parcel Picker is able to do this at business case friendly throughput and performance – replacing physically straining and repetitive work for warehouse employees at times that the industry is also experiencing growing labor shortages.

According to Smart Robotics, the Smart Parcel Picker is set to enhance the quality of employee well-being across logistical processes as the robot automates high-risk tasks that impact employee safety in the warehouse. For the Parcel Carrier industry, the Smart Parcel Picker is redefining expectations when it comes to the accuracy and agility against which robotic systems operate. Taking into account the strenuous tasks warehouse employees perform when moving large goods, the robot can handle a large variety of objects whilst replacing the rigid activities for employees.

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