Syntegon Technology GmbH

Starchless production: Syntegon expands portfolio with next-generation turnkey solution

  • Closed production process with innovative kitchen, depositing, and oiling technology
  • Designed for special requirements in the production of functional gummy and jelly products
  • Smooth processes thanks to high automation levels and digital monitoring solutions
With the new turnkey line NutraFlash, the Syntegon subsidiary Makat Candy Technology sets new standards in the starchless production of gummy and jelly products. Manufacturers can increase the quality of sensitive products with upgraded kitchen, depositing, and finishing technologies. Besides producing gummies and jellies with high dry substance content and dosing ingredients precisely, the new line enables accurate starchless depositing in reusable plastic molds. The holistic turnkey approach ensures a highly reliable, closed production for consistent product quality along the entire process. To this effect, the system includes end-to-end recipe management and a coordinated control concept for harmonized operations.

“Our line covers all steps of jelly production from dosing and mixing the ingredients to product finishing,” explains Dr. Sandra Link, product manager at Makat Candy Technology. The starchless technology plays an increasingly important role in the production of so-called nutraceuticals. These highly sought-after functional sweets contain valuable ingredients such as vitamins or minerals. As a consequence, nutraceuticals require special handling along the entire production line, for example precise dosing to ensure the right additive content per individual piece. Makat relies on proven technologies for all process steps. The new turnkey line allows for even smoother production thanks to comprehensive adaptations. “Our high degree of automation combined with digital condition monitoring helps manufacturers to achieve reliable and time-saving processes with low reject rates,” Sandra Link explains.

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