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Sustainable strapping

From steel strapping to PET strapping
There are many ways to strap products without having a major impact on the environment. The use of steel strapping is very harmful to the environment due to the high energy consumption in its production, but PET strapping is an excellent substitute for environmentally harmful steel strapping. PET strapping is safer, more environmentally friendly, better and cheaper than steel strapping. In our presentation, we explain why PET tape is better than steel tape.

Our PET tape is made of 100% recycled material. In addition, the tape is 100% recyclable after use, making the product circular. We can help you recycle your used PET tape, please contact us!

100% sustainable: paper tape
Paper tape is the environmentally friendly alternative to plastic tape and steel tape. The tape is strong, delivers a professional result and retains its shape and strength even when wet. Paper tape is fully recyclable through the normal paper flow. Strapping with paper strap is environmentally friendly, robust and professional.

Strapping pallets ergonomically
Strapping can be a physically intensive job. To place the strapping material around a pallet, the operator must bend over heavily. Then, the strap must be tensioned in order to perform the strapping with a hand tool. To make this strapping process more ergonomic, a pallet strapping machine can be used. The machine guides the strapping under the pallet and makes the strapping at the push of a button. In addition to the machines, a StrapBandit with strapping tool can also be used. These devices also offer ergonomic advantages with lower investment.

Time saving
Often, a packaging process costs an unnecessary amount of time. By using tools such as a strap dispenser, strapping tool or a (small) strapping machine, a lot of valuable time can be saved. A dispenser ensures that the strap can be easily unrolled and a strapping tool or automatic strapping machine tensions, seals and cuts the strap in one operation. This allows more products to be strapped in less time.

Perfect weld and little maintenance required!
In addition to the high quality of our strapping tools, such as the CMT 260, the tool always delivers a perfect weld. After feeding the strapping, the operator can create a perfect strapping at the push of a button. This saves a lot of time and effort. The CMT 260 controls itself and ensures that the weld is always perfectly executed.

When the tool needs servicing, you can easily do it yourself. In our service videos, we guide you through the maintenance or cleaning process. This means you no longer have to send the tool in and valuable time is not lost. In addition, the maintenance costs remain low. If you can't figure it out yourself, our service department is of course available to help.

Thicker is not always better
It is often assumed that a thicker belt is always firmer and stronger, so the choice quickly falls on the thickest belt. However, a narrow, thin belt may be the right solution for you. The tape is equally strong and the weld is perfectly executed. Tension thin and narrow straps strong enough to strap your products.

In addition to thin and narrow strapping, we now offer paper strapping. This strap is strong, comfortable to use and has a firm grip. In addition to these excellent product features, the strap is fully recyclable and has a minimal environmental footprint.

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