Replacing single used plastics, how can we help?

 Mpac, a leading supplier of packaging machinery, is developing solutions that help to reduce single used plastics throughout the whole packaging market.

At the Interpack, Mpac introduces its new carton tray former that can replace plastic trays, the TRF-200. Because of the high speed and small footprint this machine can fit in almost every factory layout, replacing or working together with the tray de-nester in your factory.

The TRF-200 is a machine that can run extremely low weight carton and does not limit your productivity in the packaging line and keeps the costs low throughout the whole logistic chain.
Sustainability in packaging is a very hot topic. In Asia governments are banning plastic, in Europe the Green Deal is announced and in North America several states are looking into legislation to ban single used plastics. Mpac is developing solutions that can handle the transition from plastics to the more sustainable carton materials. The TRF-200 is a good example and solution for everyone that is looking for possibilities to fulfill this request from the market.

By partnering with a producer of corrugated board, specializing in lightweight corrugated, Mpac is offering a solution to the market that makes an easy transition from plastic to carton-based material.

 Visit us at Booth C43in Hall 6 and see the TRF-200 live in action and inform yourself about all the sustainable concepts that Mpac can offer.

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