Dipl. Ing. Werner Graf AG

We start where others end

Ever since our founder, engineer Werner Graf, ran a rubber plantation in the 1930s, we have dealt intensively with modern and high-quality raw materials.
We have developed special machines as well as the required processes for the production of truly endless belts.
The manufacturing of belts always begins with specifically selected fibres. We use these to weave traction layers that are stable lengthways and coat these with our high-quality rubber compounds. These raw semi-finished products are coated further in part, then are endlessly vulcanised and finally cut to the desired width.
Final processing by means of perforating, milling and grinding or finishing with guide bars and labelling likewise play important roles.
Every day we are posed new challenges by our customers.
We are happy to accept these and are able to develop customised belts and tapes extremely quickly thanks to our vertical organized processes.
On request, final inspections are carried out in an application- and customer-specific manner, enabling you to conserve your resources and yet always enjoy supplies of the highest quality at the right time.

As you can see, we have a very high real net output ratio and a great deal of experience – and that is what we can.

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