Technifol Verpackungsfolien GmbH

World novelty: foil mooring system with the power of the wind

This new, patented film application system represents a worldwide innovation in the automation process by stretching machines. Thanks to the "power of the wind", the stretch film no longer has to be applied and cut manually - by an employee - or mechanically. With just a simple click on the remote control, these two operations are fully automatic.

Particularly worth mentioning here is our technical finesse: No complex, mechanical systems and no compressed air are required!!!

That means no costly laying of compressed air lines or procurement of additional components (e.g. a compressor). As if by magic, the film is gently applied to the packaged goods by the force of the wind.

We would be happy to present the new system to you live in our showroom or in a free online live demonstration.

The automatic film application system is available immediately for the Discovery and Motion 2.0 machine models.

Exhibitor Data Sheet