ZANASI at interpack | Hall 8b - C77 | CIJ.Z: sustainable marking

CIJ.Z is the concrete sustainable project in the marking world that combines greater efficiency of resources and operating functionality with a lower environmental impact.
Zanasi has integrated the development of long-term sustainable technological projects into its business strategy; this has given rise to CIJ.Z, the first and only modular inkjet marking system, which makes it possible to calibrate the acquisition of components and functions that are effectively necessary for its marking process, with the possibility of subsequent adjustment according to its requirements.
Intuitiveness and ease of use underpin the industrial design of the CIJ.Z which, in line with the most innovative studies on functional and ergonomic design, instinctively activates a physical action on the device and automates the repetitive actions, minimizing the possibilities of error.

ZANASI, founded in Italy in 1978, is a leader in the industrial inkjet printers development and production for unitary products and secondary packaging marking and coding. Our full range of inkjet marking systems covers DOD, CIJ, TIJ and HD technology. Production and Research & Development take place in the historic headquarters in Sassuolo (Modena), and create high-tech products used in a vast array of sectors and applications. ZANASI also has two divisions in Italy (Milan and Avellino), two branch offices in the United States and China (Minneapolis and Canton) and a distribution network that extends to over 70 countries across 5 continents, which guarantees quality control, as well as to consolidate and expand the company’s worldwide presence.

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