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interpack: hot topics at HEUFT

What will be trending at interpack 2023 can be experienced at the HEUFT stand A43 in Hall 13 of the Düsseldorf Exhibition Centre from 04th to 10th May.

Digital technologies for a continuous track & trace and full counterfeit protection. Innovative inspection procedures for the necessary packaging security in the circular economy. Precise foreign object detection for maximum product security. Real-time image processing with smart AI for full transparency and efficient resource management. HEUFT has the right solutions for all the hot topics at interpack 2023:

Digital technologies for the unambiguous identification and complete traceability, serialization and aggregation of a wide range of products and packaging materials will be presented there at Stand A43 in Hall 13. From proof of origin to the complete documentation of the filling and packaging process they generate Big Data for a production which can be traced at any time.
This naturally also applies to all the data of network-capable HEUFT systems for the inspection of empties to ensure the safe reuse of packaging materials in the recycling industry and for the inspection of full containers to ensure full product safety right up to the archiving of the detection images.

This not only brings a great deal in terms of conformity with the law and protection against counterfeiting. A consistent track & trace also realizes, among other things, a targeted pool, resource and recall management.

The HEUFT eXaminer II XT, one of the highlights of the system engineers’ presence at the interpack exhibition, helps to prevent product recalls due to foreign object contamination from the outset. With a completely revised mechanical construction and further developed pulsed X-ray it offers more flexibility for space-saving integration and at the same time more detection and operational reliability for the inspection of still unpacked product masses.

HEUFT will demonstrate what makes the X-ray components from its own development and production so special at a special Enlightenment station. And how this HEUFT eXaminer II technology which has been optimized for a lifetime also detects not only foreign objects even more reliably during the top-down inspection of packaged pet food, the sideways inspection of cans or stand-up pouches and the all-round complete inspection of jam jars.

Innovative image processing technologies also contribute to this – for example the latest development stage of the HEUFT reflexx A.I.! It combines artificial intelligence with human expertise in order to clearly distinguish harmless objects from critical ones. In this way valuable resources are no longer wasted and only products and packaging which are really no longer marketable are withdrawn from circulation.
Whether and how well this is also feasible in difficult cases, for example when it comes to evaluating X-ray images of structured products such as loosely packed noodles, is also demonstrated at a dedicated Enlightenment station.
From empty bottle inspection to glass splinter detection in filled food jars: HEUFT’s cyber-physical device stele can be used to bring just about all of our systems to the Düsseldorf exhibition centre! So everyone who wants to find out what will be trending at interpack 2023 will certainly find what they are looking for at Stand 43 in Hall 13 from 04 to 10 May.
This naturally also applies to all the network-capable HEUFT devices which are equipped with the new HEUFT reflexx A.I. camera. In addition to a wide range of inspection tasks it also carries out OCR functions and even checks the content of packaging codes. Adaptive LED illumination is integrated into the in-house developed color sensor camera as is image processing with artificial intelligence. It independently reads back and verifies GS1-128 barcodes and 2D data matrix codes in real time, so that the origin, tamper-evident, transport and process data of the respective product stored in them can always be clearly assigned to a specific packaging material and expanded.

The secure transfer and long-term archiving of all the information contained in the codes is guaranteed by the real-time data management of network-capable HEUFT systems. All the key figures, operating and quality data obtained during the inline inspection and line analysis with the HEUFT PROFILER are also included – right down to the individual detection images which are created during the empty and full container inspection. From the audit trail to unambiguous identification and complete traceability, serialization and aggregation of a wide variety of products and packaging materials, and from proof of origin to complete documentation of the filling and packaging process, they generate Big Data for traceable production. The current position of each individual container can be precisely determined at any time, regardless of whether it is still on the line, in the tray, or already finally packed on the pallet.

If the worst comes to the worst, all the results of quality control and inspection are documented in detail and permanently, and the batch to be withdrawn from circulation can be narrowed down so precisely that brand protection does not become a waste of food. The latter is also prevented by the proactive pool and resource management which makes a continuous track & trace at HEUFT level possible by, for example, only filling food jars which can be used safely and clearly identifying packaging which is not marketable, reliably tracing it and rejecting it in good time with pinpoint accuracy even before the valuable product enters.

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