OCTAL/ Alpek Polyester

rDPET® Sheet - The DPET® advantage of unique performance and sustainability attributes, now with Recycled Content for added benefits of Circularity.

Alpek Polyester’s Middle East subsidiary, OCTAL, operates the largest PET resin plant of its type in the Middle East and the biggest clear rigid PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) sheet plant in the world. Owned by Alpek Polyester, the world’s second largest producer of PET Resin and the largest producer and recycler
of PET in the Americas, OCTAL’s clear rigid packaging material has been the preferred choice for decades in the industry, leading the way with its virgin DPET® sheet.

The Company is changing the game with regards to circularity in the packaging industry with its next generation rDPET® using depolymerized Post Consumer Waste (PCW) and Post Industrial Waste (PIW) content. Evolving to meet the growing sustainability demands of consumers and brand owners alike, it allows for the
inclusion of PCW and PIW utilizing directly integrated depolymerization unzipping PET waste and rebuilding it as a new polymer into its sheet without compromising
performance attributes that are typically degraded in traditional mechanical recycling processes. 

This ground-breaking rDPET® product proves that depolymerization works, is commercially available and allows the ability to economically return Post-Consumer
and Post-Industrial waste back to its original form of new PET sheet time and time again without degradation of its mechanical or optical properties. Not only does the process allow for the highest of sheet quality but also further enhances its reuse potential with attributes similar to virgin resin if reprocessed again by traditional extrusion means.

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