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Nova Dosing Systems (NDS) now available for existing lines

In the highly profitable niche market of dairy desserts, dosing and filling are essential to innovation as they give the product the visual appeal that triggers the desire to taste it. The Nova Dosing Systems provide an efficient solution for the industrialization of sophisticated recipes as they can be easily integrated with existing lines and offer a perfect dosing control for all kinds of ingredients thanks to a wide range of nozzle solutions. With Nova Dosing Systems the creativity knows no boundaries. This Dosing System will be on display at Interpack 2014 – Hall 13 / C63.

Dairy desserts : the love of sweet treats is universal
All around the world, the love of sweet treats is a reality, be it part of the local culture or pushed by modern consumption trends. Within the treat products category, sweet dairy products offer the additional benefit of being perceived as healthier than other desserts. By capitalizing on both consumption trends and product benefits, dairy companies from any region of the world therefore have an opportunity to add value to the dairy market through the development of the dairy desserts segment.

5 alternate layers of fruit and yoghurt in a cup for Chobani
Yoghurt remains the main alternative offer to dairy desserts, with convincing arguments in terms of cost as well as nutritional value. The yoghurt category thus pushes its benefits in order to gain market share, offering in turn new, sophisticated and visually appealing products.
Chobani, for example, relied on Serac’s know-how to industrialize a new recipe made of Greek yoghurt and fruit puree alternately layered in a cup. The result is a dosing unit that is able to process 19 varieties of fruit with different textures and chunk sizes up to 10x10x10 mm through the same nozzles, without smearing the cup, even at very high speeds.
And to ensure the perfect visual effect that Chobani had imagined, the nozzles have been placed at 120 degrees increments thus filling the cup in 3 different directions.

Upgrading a product offer by adding a Nova Dosing System to existing line
Known for supplying complete cup filling lines to the dairy market, Nova (a company of Serac Group) now capitalizes on its dosing know-how and offers stand-alone dosing stations for customers already having a filling machine or for OEM integration. The main benefit of Nova Dosing Systems is that they can be easily integrated with existing filling lines for a wide range of packaging, including of course preformed cups, FFS cups, trays, tubs or pouches, whatever the make of the machine.
Nova Dosing Systems offer manufacturers an efficient solution to upgrade their product filling quality. They include up to 24 filling heads and provide a perfect control of all kinds of products thanks to a complete range of nozzle solutions. They are adapted to the most sophisticated filling methods, from layered and spiral filling of different ingredients to complex desserts combinations.

Serac at Interpack 2014


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