An Phat Plastic and Green Environment JSC


PLASTIC BAGS FACTORY FOR EXPORTING TO JAPAN – Factory no. 5, under Anphat plastic and green environment Join Stock Company, was broken ground in December 2012. After nearly one year of construction, the factory was finished and started trial operation in November 2013. Located in Lot CN 7, Nam Sach industrial park, Ai Quoc, Hai Duong, 16,802.4 m2 included 6,922.4 m2 of workshop’s square, designed production capacity of 1000 tons per month, the factory will increase the yield up to 4,000 tons per month after finish the trial operation.

Japan is the very strict market, required high quality products and clean working environment. Thus, Anphat plastic’s board of management have oriented decisively to operate modernly, professionally and directly consulted by Japanese experts. Modern production line is imported, designed and managed under ISO standard, ASIM, JIS and IAS. Main products are T-shirt and Flat bags made of virgin and compostable materials.

During the period of technological transmission, team of technician and machines’ operators have been recruited strictly and attended the deep trainings delivered by foreign experts. All of them are high skills, upper intermediate qualifications. Beside kitchen, entertainment room, labors are well- equipped with fully and professionally labor protections under the slogan: “the best working environment results the best quality”.

Just one month since the operation, factory No. 5 has hosted many customers to visit, mainly from Japan and the EU. All of them have been fully pleased and given the best comments and appreciations on professionalism as well as good working environment, desired for a long lasting business relationship and huge orders.

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