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Remote control by web server makes marking technology easy to control and fit for Industry 4.0

REA JET gets you ready for Industry 4.0

Muehltal, March 13th 2014 – at the interpack REA JET presents a new generation of coding and marking systems. The presented technology complies all requirements of the packaging industry in terms of integration, communication, environmental and user-friendliness. It simplifies the cross-system networking and also takes into account global specifications.

The intelligent interface management accelerates the start-up and configuration of the systems. A range of free configurable digital inputs and outputs, a XML-based data structure as a manufacturer-independent communication standard and the True-Type-Font capability simplify the integration and machine-wide, high-speed data exchange.

The coupling with other system components such as production master computers, cameras, unloading and sorting systems allows, next to coding and marking tasks, also track and trace applications, gaming applications as well as a hundred per cent in-line quality assurance.

REA JET systems can be remote-controlled, parameterized and monitored by a standard web browser over the internet or intranet. This is an important requirement for Industry 4.0. This operation is secured by a user administration tool. For the remote operation of the systems there is no external software necessary. On the booth the exhibited coding and marking systems can be operated via Tablet PCs.

REA JET sets standards with its cross-technology, user-friendly operating concept for laser and high-resolution ink jet systems. Both technologies are based on the same user interface and can be controlled by touch operation. The REA JET coding and marking systems offer Unicode-based communication with UTF-8 support. This feature is another requirement to meet Industry 4.0 demands for data exchange in between devices without any further adjustment.

REA JET emphasizes its expertise in the pharmaceutical sector with an in-house developed PharmaScan App, which is offered for free for all visitors to download. This App decodes Barcodes and DataMatrix codes especially on pharmaceutical packages and is available for iOS and Android mobile devices. The quality inspection of codes is the main area of expertise of REA VERIFIER.

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