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PWR Pack at Interpack 2014: High-performance Pick & Place robot with IntelliFeed system for delicate snacks in bags

PWR Pack high-performance gripper





PWR Pack at Interpack 2014:

High-performance Pick & Place robot with IntelliFeed system for delicate

snacks in bags


Ede, 1 April 2014.

Snacks from sweet to savoury are a fast growing segment in the food industry. Consumers prefer variety, which has vastly increased the popularity of bundle packs. This is a challenge for the packaging industry, as many popular snacks are delicate and require gentle handling during the packing process.One of the experts in the field of picking & placing challenging products is Dutch robotics specialist PWR Pack.


At Interpack 2014, the world’s leading packaging industry trade fair, the company is now exhibiting a complete line for packaging snacks, which impressively masters even the most meticulous handling tasks.


Complete line with high-performance special grippers

At the heart of the highly efficient complete line for snacks, is a three-cell robot, which utilizes three pick & place arms. These are especially designed for filling bundle packs of individually packaged products. Even when fed at an irregular rate, the high-performance mechanical-pneumatic grippers carefully pick and precisely place the products such as potato crisps packs.


Feeding and distributing with IntelliFeed

The line is augmented with an innovative IntelliFeed supply and distribution system including a bulk hopper, which is loaded with bags filled with snacks. The bags are elevated up and trickle fed onto the SmartBelt conveyors, converted from random piles to equally spaced individual items and manoeuvred towards the three-cell PWR Pack robot.

Simultaneously, the PWR Pack intelligent vision system monitors all running processes and guarantees perfect results with its high-tech quality control.

PWR Pack’s robotic systems utilise highly advanced, innovative and platform-independent distribution software, reducing the logistical complexity as a whole, ensuring that all modules run at optimum speed, and monitoring all production stages seamlessly.

The implemented software, grippers and robotic cells are developed and manufactured by PWR Pack. Peter Mellon, Director of PWR Pack, emphasizes: “This allows us to offer perfectly matched systems to our customers. We focus on delivering high speed lines coupled with the highest possible line efficiencies in order to maximise your return on investment. The price to value ratio is very high ensuring a quick pay back of your investment.


About PWR Pack International b.v.:

PWR Pack International, based in The Netherlands, are the leading supplier of pick and place robotic systems for loading individual products into your packaging machine or finished packs into shipping containers. The innovative Pick and Place robotic systems are specifically designed for each application. A dedicated team of professionals will work with you to design and build the perfect solution for your business.


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